Getting Close to Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong

We were lucky that we have friends in Hong Kong who were able to take us around while we spend our weekend getaway in Hong Kong. Deasy and Andi have been living there more than 5 years, with all of their knowledge about Hong Kong, still they were in doubt where to take us that morning.

I wanted to visit Repulse Bay and Shek O beach, but Andi suggest other thing: to see the view of Stonecutters Bridge. Then I remember passing that bridge and all the colorful container by airport bus. Suddenly the beaches sound less interesting, and I agreed to visit anti main stream tourist place: container in Hong Kong and the bridge.

Andi is a professional photographer, his amazing pictures could be seen in his website So it was kind of a photo trip around Hong Kong that day with Andi and Deasy. A trip that my husband Rene enjoyed so much. 

We began our trip by taking MTR and minibus to an industrial place with all the huge containers around. After alighting the minibus, I followed Andi and had no idea what will I find after passing a broken fence. The good thing was, the fence was already broken, so I thought that we didn't commit to any crime:p

We kept on walking, then I saw many rocks, uniquely shaped. It was definitely an unusual thing I saw in Hong Kong. Oh well I had to admit that I saw too many malls and markets before.

We continued walking following the path, there were only four of us with one person doing his fishing. We heard the activities of loading and unloading the containers not far from us, but it didn't bother us to enjoy the view. It was so peaceful to enjoy Hong Kong in a different way.

You can contact Andi if you are interested in doing Hong Kong photo trip. He will take you around to unique places in Hong Kong.

About The Bridge
The Stonecutters Bridge linked Nam Wan Kok, Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island. This bridge was completed in April 2009, and opened to traffic in 2009. The bridge spans 1.6 km, with two bridge towers, one in Tsing Yi island and the other on Stonecutters island (source: Wikipedia)

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