SEA Life Sydney Aquarium

Our kiddos love to visit aquarium so much, we have visited Sea World in Jakarta, SEA Aquarium in Resort World Sentosa Singapore and the Grand Aquarium in Ocean Park Hong Kong. So far, their fave aquarium is the SEA Aquarium in RWS Singapore. 

When we planned a visit to Sydney with our kiddos, of course the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium was on our bucketlist. It is located in Darling Harbour, one of our favorite location in Sydney. I and Rene have passed Sydney Aquarium many times when we visited Sydney, but we have never gone inside the aquarium.

We visited Sydney Aquarium on the second day in Sydney (yup it was the boxing day!). We planned to arrive at the ticket counter as early as possible to beat the crowd. The queue was not yet that long, maybe everyone else were busy shopping at the Sydney CBD.

Finally we are here!

We went inside and the first thing which was really attractive was when we saw the Sydney Harbour. We could see what lies underneath the harbour bridge :)  We discovered that the harbour is as beautiful below the surface as it is above. 

The Sydney Harbour exhibit

We love all the signage inside the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium, they were really informative and interactive. Giving the opportunity for our Kiddos to learn while visiting the Sydney Aquarium.

Information regarding the sea animals

Then we moved to the Bay of Rays, which houses the most colorful combination of Australian Rays. It is a tropical oasis not to be missed.

Looking at the rays at the Bay of Rays

And yes we met the little penguins at South Coast Shipwreck. Ohh they were so lovely! And each of the penguin has their own personality! Hahaha!

The cute penguins...
...and their personality:D

The latest attraction at SEA Life Sydney Aquarium is the Dugong Island, there were two Dugongs at Sydney Aquarium named Pig and Wuru. It was the first time we have ever seen Dugong in our life. Woohoo they were so huge! And you know what, they only eat lettuce to be in that size!

Making our way to the Dugong Island
The semi outdoor area at the Dugong Island
Dugongs' menu: lettuce 3 times a day!

The most favorite place to be in any aquariums for us is the tunnel with aquarium beyond us. And so it was in SEA Life Sydney Aquarium. We walked beneath the sharks at Shark Valley and Shark Walk.

Hello there, shark!
Looking at the sharks
Ohh.. what a big fish!

Before we leave SEA Life Sydney Aquarium, we visited two interactive zones which were the Discovery Rock Pool and also the Art Aquarium. Kiddos got their hands wet at the Discovery Rock Pool (of course!). And we spent about 15 minutes there because our Kiddos didn't want to leave.

Having fun at the Discovery Rock Pool 

Another interactive zone that we didn't find at SEA Aquarium of Resort World Sentosa was the Art Aquarium. Kiddos could color the fish, scan it and watch it swim! Awesome!

Don't forget to put the name on your fish
Busy coloring the fish 
Looking at our own fish at the Art Aquarium

Finally it was the time to leave SEA Life Sydney Aquarium. We spent 4 hours inside the aquarium including a break for our lunch at the cafe inside Sydney Aquarium.

Shopping time before leaving the Sydney Aquarium

Our day is well spent at the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium. If you are wondering is SEA Life Sydney Aquarium worth a visit? I would definitely answer YES!

Thank you SEA Life Sydney Aquarium (part of Merlin Group Entertainment) 
for the lovely SEA Life Sydney's aquarium experience:)

We had a fabulous time at SEA LIfe Sydney Aquarium
Beautiful coral exhibit

Things to know about SEA Life Sydney Aquarium:
- Opening hours: 09.30am-07.00pm daily.
- Tickets are cheaper when you purchase online. For example, a family ticket is AUD 136 (walk up price) and AUD 89 (for the online purchase). You may see the price of the single ticket in this link.
- If you plan to visit other Sydney's attraction, they also offer bundled ticket price for several Sydney's attraction.
- The queue to get the entrance ticket is long on the peak period. Plan to arrive early to avoid the queue.

written on March 3, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ini nih yg paling aku suka dr atraksi wisata yg banyak dikunjungi anak-anak. Banyak kesempatan berinteraksi, bisa juga menggambar/ mewarnai hewan yg ditemui di sana, bikin aquarium experience nya makin dapet :D

    1. Iya banget...semoga di Indonesia akan makin banyak tempat wisata dengan kesempatan anak untuk berinteraksi ya Kak.

  2. Replies
    1. Iya lucu Kak, ada personality nya pula:D

  3. akkk dugooongggg :3 aku mauu main sama dugoongg
    *kibas-kibasin lettuce biar dugongnya mampir*

    1. Iya Mei lucu endut bangeeet...P.S. Kita jangan makan Lettuce kali ya?:p