A Great Day Out at Australian Reptile Park

When I found out that we will be passing Australian Reptile Park on our roadtrip from Sydney to Newcastle, I put it directly on our Sydney Family Trip itinerary. From its website, I saw how children could be so close with all the fluffy animals and also the reptile.

We arrived at Australian Reptile Park in the morning around 9.30 am. We saw some big vans and buses were already parked in the parking place. It was great to arrive early in the morning, we headed to the ticket counter after passing this giant reptile.

Finally we are at Australian Reptile Park

The ticket counter was still empty, there's a souvenir shop next to the counter and also a giant crocodile statue inside. A lovely lady welcomed us and gave us the complimentary tickets. "Our next show will be started within 5 minutes at the Spider World" she explained. After taking pictures with the crocodile, we went to the Spider World which is located next to the ticket counter.

Ticket counter and the souvenir shop
Kiddos with the crocodiles

We started our day by visiting the Spider World, a giant spider welcomed us.

Wow, what a spider!

The show is conducted by a lady behind the glass. She explained about the spider, what the do's and dont's if we see spider in the real world. 

Listening to the explanation

The Spider World is so interesting, it even has the "Insy Winsy Sipder" song with a spider really climb up the waterspout, when we press the start button. So funny!

Let's sing Insy Winsy Spider :)

To make things even real, there's an old toilet with spider web which we could sit and take picture. Of course it wasn't a real toilet:D

Kiddos at the toilet with spider web

After the Spider World, we went outside to a beautiful park where we could touch animals. We wanted to see the next show which was Galapagos Tortoise Feeding. But before that, Kiddos could touch the snake, and also a lovely kangaroo.

It's really a hand on zoo :))

I love the park in the middle of Australian Reptile Park. It was so green, has many picnic tables, and we could find lots of animals at the park. The park surrounded by cages of the animals. One of them was the Galapagos Tortoise. It was amazing to see how big it was! Too bad we missed the chance to walk with Hugo the Galapagos later that afternoon, as our Kiddos were busy at Lost World of Reptiles.

Don't you love this park?
The feeding time
Hello there Hugo, the Galapagos Tortoise

All the shows were properly arranged that we didn't have to walk far to watch the next show. After the Galapgos feeding time, we sat next to the cage, and waited for the Tasmanian Devil Exhibit.

We were close with the Tasmanian Devil

The show began, the man who lead the show sat at the fence and started to explain regarding the Tasmanian Devil, while the animals were eating his pants! Then he gave the Tasmanian Devils a chicken! Oh my goodness!

From the shoes...
To the pants..
They are finally eating the chicken

We waited for reptile show at the show pit, before the show, we could take picture with the baby Tasmanian Devils. Ohh they are cute when still babies! We paid AUD 20 for a picture with the baby.

Holding the baby Tasmanian Devil for the first time

Afterwards, we walked to the back part of the Australian Reptile Park. We found cages for the koala, and also cages for the birds. It was indeed a beautiful forest.

What a lovey forest
Cages for the birds

The sleeping koalas

We walked back to the show pit area and waited for the highlight of the day: the Reptile Show. There were no seating area, so we stood around the show pit.

Be ready for the surprise from the boxes

It was a very thrilling show with all the beautiful reptiles presented. Everybody enjoyed the show so much!

A kiss from a reptile

They even had two very special guests for that day: two alive dinosaurs for the reptile show! What a wonderful surprise! These two dinosaurs even walked in the park later that afternoon with all the kids :)

Wohooo.... dinosaurs at the reptile show!
The kids walked with the dinosaurs before they go back to the cage

After the reptile show, we signed up once again for the photo session. It was with the koala, we had to pay another AUD20 for this picture. Something you should not miss.

Big Hero 6 fans with the sleeping koala

Before lunch, we saw another show which was the Alligator Feeding Time. It was located at the river inside the park. We watched from a distance how those alligator being fed.

They were really jumping to grab the food

Finally it was lunch time, we ate the cooked food we brought from our apartment. You may take your own food and drink into Australian Reptile Park. They provides BBQ Grill for the visitors at the picnic area. 

We ate near the playground with a reptile shape, because our Kiddos still wanted to play at the playground.

Another picnic tables provided for lunch
A gorgeous playground

The only show we didn't see that day was the crocodile show. It was our time already to continue our roadtrip. But before leaving Australian Reptile Park, we went inside the Lost World of Reptiles and saw so many interesting animals inside.

Never seen this before...
The allegator snapping turtle
The green iguana

It is the kind of zoo that your kids will love and allow you to spend a quality time with your family. If you are visiting Sydney, head to Australian Reptile Park, it worth the journey. We would love to come back and see the Elvis Crocodile Show someday.

Thank you Australian Reptile Park for the great day out 
for our familes:)

Some visitors information:
- The park opens from 9 am to 5 pm, 7 day a week.
- The family pass (2 adults and 2 children) is AUD 85.
- Getting to the park: visit the "directions" from Australian Reptile Park website.
- Plan ahead your visit and read the showtime schedule.

written on February 20, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. I'm personally scared of reptiles but the park looks awesome! It's really cool that kids get to know a lot of local animals. Maybe after they meet these snakes and crocodiles they could become the next Steve Irwin :p And the old style toilet is hilarious!

    1. Yes indeed, the toilet with all those web spider haha!

  2. kok kiddos santai gitu sih ketemue reptile, kalo aku yg diajakin ke sini, aku mah nunggu diluar entrance gate aja, kalo perlu di mobil aja sambil dikunci (takut tiba2 ada ular lepass) :)) :))

    1. Hahahha, enggak kali Mei...pasti kamu masuk mau ketemu Koala kan?:D

  3. Keren ya di Aussie tuh cakep2 taman binatangnya...walaupun Aquarium yg di Manly sih kalo dibandingin Seaworld di Jakarta kalah gede en kumplitnya

    1. Iya keren-keren taman nya. Tapi Seaworld di Jakarta kabarnya udah enggak beroperasi (: Huhuhu..
      Btw aku ga sempet ke Aquarium yang ada di Manly euy..