Skyline Luge Sentosa Singapore

One of the Sentosa's attraction which I always recommend to our blog readers and friends is the Skyline Luge. Having tried only the Gondola and not the luge in Queenstown-New Zealand, I was planning to try the luge in Sentosa.

We arrived early in the morning and headed to the ticket counter. My friends choose to buy the 3 Luge and Skyride cost SGD26, while I choose only one ride cost SGD17. There was no queue at all, so we went directly to the Skyride.

What to prepare to get on the Sentosa Skyride? Definitely sunblock, because we were going all the way up under the sun, sunglasses and a Go Pro!

Where it all begins
It was a ride with a view
Thanks to Go Pro:)

The ride was thrilling, you will enjoy the view of the sea and also the trees in Sentosa. Better to put on your shoes, if you don't want to loose your sandals:D We approached the station, we alight and get ready for the Luge.

I thought the Luge was a scary thing to do, but when I tried it, it was not scary at all. It was easy to operate, we were given a short briefing before we start. From the briefing point, we were prohibited to take pictures.

Grab the helmet and we were ready!
The briefing
There's a height restriction for the kids

Cameras were available on the luge track where at the end of the ride you can buy your picture for SGD15. Though expensive, I bought our group picture, because maybe it was the only time I could ride the luge with them.  

We enjoyed our Skyride and the Luge, and we agreed with its tagline, "Once is never enough" :)

It was very hot indeed!

written on May 30, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ah serunyaaa. Belum pernah ngerasain main2 di sentosa. pengen deh hehehe

    1. Iya Kak seru, aku juga pengen ajak our Kiddos kesini someday hehe... Ayo Kak segera kesana:)

  2. Terakhir ke Singapore tahun 2013, dan cuman menghabiskan waktu di Universal Studionya, karena edisi 2011 lalu udah pernah muter2 di sentosa Island nya hahaha

    1. Kalo gitu harus segera balik lagi Kak:D

  3. Apa bedannya ya yg three luge and skyrides sama yang one ride? 3 kali naiknya gitu?

    1. Aduh maaf Mba baru balas. Iya naik turun tiga kali. Kan katanya one is never enough...hehehe..

  4. Mbak Tresya,Skyride-nya menakutkan gk, sih..? Tinggi bgt, ya?