Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon: Staying In The Central of The City

Having stayed at Aston Hotel Cirebon on our first family trip to Cirebon, we wanted to stay somewhere else in the city. I checked on Agoda the hotel rates for the following day. Well it was an unplanned trip, I wanted to eat Nasi Jamblang, and Mr.Husband agreed to fulfil my request:p So I searched the hotel only one day before we went to Cirebon.

I just knew that Swiss-Belhotel has opened their hotel in Cirebon, and the rate was affordable, IDR 570,000 per night including breakfast for 2 person and tax. For a new hotel located adjacent to a shopping mall, the rate was just irresistible. 

Checking in at the lobby of Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon

We arrived at the hotel around 10 am, after completing a 5 hour roadtrip from Jakarta to Cirebon. At the moment as Jakarta-Cirebon tol has been opened, the roadtrip will be faster. And of course we are looking forward to try the new highway!

The room was not ready, but we were allowed to have a dip in the swimming pool. It's a big pool, but lack of sliding for the kids, and also got no pool chairs. We sat at the table which belongs to the hotel's restaurant.

After a 1 hour swimming session, we went to the CSB mall to have our lunch. There's a foodcourt serving Cirebon Culinary in CSB mall as well.

A big but flat swimming pool

The room was still new and looks very modern, which is the plus point of this hotel. We booked a twin room, and managed to sleep very well, despite the bed size:p Maybe next time we stay here, we have to add an extra bed as our Kiddos are getting bigger and taller.

The backdrop was beautifully designed, giving a homey touch to the room 
It was a spacious room, even for the four of us

There was no bathtub in the bathroom, but it was ok. We also loved the modern look of the bathroom. Hairdryer was also provided inside.

A simple but lovely bathroom

After checking-in, we spent a halfday at our room and only left the room for our dinner at Empal Gentong Mang Darma, which I will review separately on tesyasblog.

The next morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel before another swimming session. Kiddos#1 had to pay additional charge of IDR 50,000 for his breakfast. The food were tasty and the variety of food was awesome.

The waffle and egg station
Yeay, donuts! 
Waffle chocolate for his breakfast

I might say that it's a promising hotel, the rate will be higher in the near future. Especially because of its central location: you can walk to H.Moel Seafood which is located on the opposite of CSB mall, take "becak" to Alun-alun Cirebon, and if you need anything, you can walk to the next mall. 

One thing to note, you have to find a parking place by yourself, and it was difficult when the mall is full.  

written on June 21, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Baru tahu ada nasi Jamblang di Cirebon, Murah banget tuh mbak hotelnya dengan fasilitas OK, masih gress lagi plus dapat breakfast lagi. Kalau Sama si kecil pasti sibuk makan di food station, emaknya juga sibuk makan. Kalau mau lintas Jawa barat, harus nih ke hotel ini buat istirahat

    1. Hehe, nasi jamblang-nya nanti aku review terpisah Mbak. Iya ini kebetulan dapet harga oke banget.
      Ditunggu donk Mbak kita meet up di Jakarta:)

  2. Uwooo, kolam renangnya asik sekali itu buat berenang :)

  3. Wah swimming poolnya menggoda banget. Bisa jd referensi klo pas ke cirebon nih

    1. Iya Mba Muna, enak lokasinya deket kemana-mana. Pool-nya mudah2an nanti ditambah kursi malas ama payung biar makin cantik.

  4. Gue pernah nginep di Swiss bel in di bali Mba, dan memang keren sih hotelnya, luas banget lobinya, dan memang ada kolam renangnya :D

    1. Ayo kapan-kapan cobain yang di Cirebon ya Salman.