Cirebon, from Empal Gentong Mang Darma to H.Moel Seafood

I remember the first time we visited Cirebon (on our road trip from Jakarta to Semarang), we ended up eating fast food at Grage Mall. Yeah great! This time we asked our friends in Twitterland to give food recommendation. And Alhamdulillah we got food recommendation from Mba Niken @LiburanAnak. I couldn't thank her enough. We got only one day, and we tried as many as possible:p

There are many famous Cirebon dishes that were recommended. Empal Gentong was one of them. For our first (late) lunch, we ate Empal Gentong Mang Darma located at the opposite of the Grage Mall. Was it good? Yes. And it was IDR 15,000 per portion, so cheap..

Seafood H.Moel was another recommendation, and we tried the seafood for our dinner. We tried their speciality which was Kepiting Saus Bangkok. It was heerlijk, really delicious. And so was the grilled shrimp.

The resto's interior looks like a house (it's indeed a house), divided into indoor and outdoor seating area. We sat inside as there were people smoking outside.

Last but not least we tried Nasi Jamblang Mang Doel. Actually we had it taken away and ate it together with the H.Moel seafood. We only tried fried tofu, tempe and spicy clams. 

Ahhhh so much to eat so little time we got in Cirebon. That night we slept really well at Aston Hotel, we were so full:p Indonesian food are so great! Cirebon is definitely the place where you can enjoy the delicious and cheap food.

written on April 17, 2013

Tag:Liburan ke Cirebon, Wisata Kuliner ke Cirebon

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  1. Ihhhh penasaran ama empal gentong dech. Banyak yang posting tentang makanan yang konon enak banget ini. Ajak aku donk mama Tesya :p

    1. Ayo Deb:) Selama diminta nganter ayo aja, asal jangan disuruh masak empal gentong yee hahah:p

  2. Akyu juga penasaran ama empal gentong... Mesti makan di Cirebon ya? hehe...

    1. hahahah biar lebih afdol aja kakak...