Tokyo Connection Bandung

Jalan Progo Bandung might be one of the street in Bandung which has more than 10 cafes and restaurants. One of the first cafe was Toko Coklat Bandung which we visited in 2009.

On a late Saturday afternoon, we decided to stop by and have our early dinner, knowing that Jalan Progo will be really crowded on a Saturday night. Because my father loves Japanese food, we decided to have a family dinner at Tokyo Connection Bandung.

The restaurant is dominated by wood, giving it a very relaxing ambiance. We sat at the front area and choose the table near the window to enjoy Bandung's fresh air.

We ordered Salmon Sashimi (IDR 50,000) for our appetizer, followed by Salmon Baked Mayo Sushi (IDR 55,000), which we shared for the whole family. 

The salmon was super fresh
Melted salmon on the top of our sushi

For the main course, we ordered Chicken Katsu Donburi (IDR 30,000) and Original Beef Misu Udon (IDR 45,000)

Our Kiddos love this
The udon came in a jumbo size bowl!

To complete our Japanese Fusion early dinner that day, we also ordered fusion drink and ogura ice cream. The drink's price range between IDR 10,000 to IDR 50,000. My ogura was IDR 16,000.

Ice chocolate: IDR 40,000
Coffee almond crush IDR 22,000
I love ice cream!

The food and drink price at Tokyo Connection is affordable especially compared to those Japanese fine dining restaurants. That's why Tokyo Connection Bandung is always crowded during lunch and dinner time. 

In between, people come to enjoy drinks, free wifi, the sofa and the electricity plug provided throughout the restaurant.

A lovely place to hang out with your friends and family

written on June 11, 2015 by @tesyasblog

Tokyo Connection
Jalan Progo #5, Bandung
Phone: 022-95080078
Other branches in Bandung: Cihampelas Walk, Braga City Walk, Festival City Link Mall, Bandung Indah Plaza.

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  1. Alhamdulillah aku dah perna nyobain jadi ngak ngiler hehehe

    1. Hehehe tempatnya asyik ya Kak Cumi :)

  2. ice cream nya maauuuuuuuuuuu :D

  3. Chocolate ice nya mahal..
    Tanggung jawab mbak Tesya itu salmon sashimi nya melambai-lambai ke arahku..

    1. Hahahaha, Sashimi nya seger banget loooh :))

  4. aduh malem2 liat inih jd pengen nyushi ah besok ke sushi tengoku ajun dkt rumah...hihihi

    1. Udah kesampaian belum nih ke Sushi Tengoku nya Kak?

  5. yummyyyy, es krim nya manggil-manggil tuh mbak :P