Toko Coklat Bandung

Having read a review on Toko Coklat on one of architect magazine, we decided to visit this shop. As written in the magazine, the building is very unique, yet it is a very cozy place to hang out with your friends or your loved one.

We tried some chocolates which cost Rp 3,500 each, a glass of ice chocolate Rp 15,000 and also a chocolate cake which cost Rp 10.000. Hmmm yummy...

The chocolate was really good, even better than Dapur Coklat. The Ice Chocolate was ok, but the cake was lousy, or we choose the wrong variety of cake? This Toko Coklat located on Jalan Progo, near Riau area. Next time you shop in the factory outlets in Riau area, make sure you also visit Toko Coklat. I guarantee that you’ll agree the chocolates are really special.

written on April 24, 2009

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