10 Reasons Why You Should Stay At Wisana Village Redang Island, Malaysia

I have never heard about Redang Island before (which is located a 45 minutes speedboat ride from Kuala Terengganu-Malaysia), until a friend of mine introduced this island.

"You should go to Redang Island if you like snorkeling" he told me while we were enjoying our stay at Anoi Itam Resort, in Weh Island, Indonesia. He told me how pristine the beaches in Redang is. I started to google and fell in love with it. Since then Redang Island was on my family traveling bucketlist...

... and a year later, we visited Redang Island :)

It was not easy to decide where to stay at Redang Island as it was our first visit. My friend who is from Medan, Indonesia stayed at Laguna Resort. A resort located at Long Beach in Redang Island. Many tourists stayed at Long Beach.

But we wanted to stay at a quiet place, and thanks to Tripadvisor who leads me to this beautiful resort called Wisana VillageI am going to share with you why you should visit and stay at this place.

There's only one resort on this beach: Wisana Village

1. Beautiful Beach in Front of Our Room

When I arrived at Wisana for the first time and seeing it from our speedboat. Oh My God, I feel like jumping to the sea!

Beautiful beach in front of Wisana Village

After checking-in, we finally jumped into the water. We didn't go anywhere, we just swim in front of our room.

Our Kiddos and Emir in their action
They were having super fun
The water was so clear that we could see the bottom of the sea. And it was just in front of our resort.
A sea turtle spotted few meters away from Wisana Village

2. It Has A Homey Family Area

All the guests spend most of their time in the family area (when they are not on the beach) which is used as a dining room as well as a place to relax.

The dining room 
My favorite spot at Wisana Village

3. Spectacular View From Wisana Village

From sunrise until the sun went down, we enjoyed spectacular view from the family area of Wisana.

The view at sunrise
The view at midday, yup including the dinosaur:D

4. Really Yummy Food

Our package include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 24 hours bread, coffee, tea. I repeat, 24 hours!

I met one of the chef, Mr.Badrul on instagram prior to my departure to Wisana Village. And I was so happy to meet him in person.

Chef Badrul, your food was so delicious! and I love your orange cake!

Oh, did I mention that every meal comes with a dessert and also cake? 

Our family travel partner Om Hermawan
(holding fish) with Chef Badrul
These are available 24 hours 
Mie Siram on the left and Nasi Lemak on the right
Our dinner

5. The Magical Sunrise

From Wisana Village, you could see beautiful sunrise. All you need to do is to wake up early at 06.30 am.

The sky prior to the sunrise
Other guests were waiting for the sunrise 
A beautiful sunrise we had on our second day

6. Private Snorkel Trip 

Our package also include snorkeling trip to 3 islands: Lima Island, Paku Island and Kerengga Island. We had our own snorkeling trip (only for our group), with Azrin. While if you stay at a big resort, you will have to snorkel with other 200 people.

Our group with Azrin, our snorkel guide

Azrin took us to beautiful snorkeling places. He didn't take us to the Marine Park as it was too crowded and the corals according to Azrin is no longer beautiful. We were amazed by what we saw during our snorkeling trip.

Two boats at Lima Island. Lima means Five.
Our Kiddos#1 enjoyed his snorkeling session so much  
What we saw at Paku Island

At the end of the trip, we went to the beach at Kerengga Island. The island we saw everyday from Wisana (as it is located opposite of our resort).

It was amazing to stand in the middle of the sea! 
Another post wedding picture:p

7. You Could Snorkel Just In Front of The Resort

Or if you don't feel like taking any snorkeling trip, just walk passing the family area, and you will find a beach with the rocks and corals.

Snorkel gears are provided by Wisana. But if you visit it on high season (like we did), better to bring your own snorkeling gear.

Getting ready for our snorkeling session near the resort

8. Beachfront Rooms 

Wisana Village only has 10 rooms, to maintain the privacy of the guests. Azrin explained during the snorkeling trip, "At maximum, there will only be 34 people in our resort. Just like now." Yes when we were there all rooms were fully booked.

Booking as early as possible is recommended.

Our room, Standard Terrace for 4 people
The Malay Houses  
The rooms are only steps away from the beach :)

9. The Package Offers Ease of Travel from Kuala Lumpur

The package offered by Wisana Village includes a return airport transfer from Kuala Terengganu Airport to Merang Jetty. And a speedboat return transfer from Merang Jetty to Wisana Village.

Just give your flight schedule to Wisana Village upon reservation, and they will arrange it for you.

Picked up by a van at Kuala Terengganu Airport
On the speedboat going to Wisana Village
Taking our Air Asia flight from Kuala Terengganu Airport back to Kuala Lumpur

My tips: take the earliest flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu, in order to catch the first boat at 09.30 am from Merang Jetty to Wisana Village.

10. You Will Find A New Family at Wisana Village

Last but not least, what I loved from Wisana is the people. I have mentioned about Chef Badrul and Azrin, but seriously, all of them were lovely. 

It was hard to say goodbye, the staffs helped us with our luggage on the day we left.

The boat picked us up after lunch

We waived goodbye, and promised to meet each other when they visit my hometown Bandung, Indonesia.

Thank you Wisana Village for the FUN-tastic holiday

Are you looking for a perfect family traveling destination? Wisana Village is highly recommended. I would love to go back soon.

Please note that the resort only opens from March to October, log on to their website www.wisanaredang.com for its schedule and price.

If you need more information on Wisana Village and also to book your room, email to Azhar: wisana.resort[at]gmail.com  Tell him Tesya sent you :)

written on August 23, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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