La Maison Bleue Leura: A Blissful Stay at Blue Mountains

This was our second Airbnb experience in Australia. As a family traveler, having a place to stay for four person with a fully equipped kitchen is a must. So for us, it is better to choose apartment from Airbnb rather than staying in a hotel.

When I and mr.husband searching for a place to stay at Blue Mountains, we fell in love with La Maison Bleue in Leura. After our Prince Henry Cliff Walk experience (where we started our walk in Leura), our favorite city in Blue Mountains area is definitely Leura.

Isabelle, the owner or La Maison Bleue welcomed us with a hug, we knew from our first step to the house, we will call Isabelle's house our home.

The beautiful corner at Isabelle's house
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Kampung Sumber Alam Garut: Where To Stay at Garut

Garut, a city which is located 1-1,5 hours from my hometown Bandung, is famous a weekend getaway destination from Bandung as well as from Jakarta. Though it takes 5 hours drive from Jakarta, lots of people think the journey worth it.

Time stops when you are in Garut! You will be spoiled by the view, the fresh air, the food and (for me especially) the hot spring. 

I choose staying at Kampung Sumber Alam, because it's my favorite resort in Cipanas, Garut, since I was in high school. Apparently, the resort is very well maintained, it was still as good as my last visit, 8 years ago.

Kampung Sumber Alam in the morning
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Things To See in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is a little town located around 600km northern of Perth, famous for its national park having the same name with the township. 

Kalbarri has a tag line for its tourism which is "Kalbarri, you'll love it" and yes I loved it on the first day of our visit. This place is awesome with so many things to see.

One fine morning at Kalbarri

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Roadtrip From Perth to Kalbarri

Planning a roadtrip in Western Australia? Why not trying our route, a 6-7 hours drive from Perth to Kalbarri. I admit it was a long journey, but it offers so many things to see.

One of them was Nambung National Park (2 hours drive from Perth), but we decided to visit it on the last day of our roadtrip. Which was a decision I regret until now. We could not stop there as it was was raining on our way back to Perth (:

We started our journey by heading to Brand Highway from Perth heading to Geraldton, the biggest city closest to Kalbarri.

From Perth to Geraldton

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The Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

I said "yes" to the proposed itinerary made by mr.husband when we were planning our couple trip to Perth, Australia. He told me about visiting Kalbarri National Park which requires a 7 hours drive from Perth.

I put aside the long trip that I will have to experience, eventhough I knew I am not "a roadtrip person". Australian's National Park has always been a must visit place when we travel as couple.

I am sure you will also agree.

Looking through the Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

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Review of Tanakita Camping Ground, Sukabumi

I always answer "Tanakita" whenever someone ask me what is my favourite camping ground that we have visited so far. Tanakita located in Sukabumi, a 3 to 4 hours car ride from Jakarta (depending on traffic). 

It is located inside the Pangrango National Park, so you will enjoy lush garden, the greenery from the forest, fresh air and a comfortable camping ground for your family.

After sunset at Tanakita Camping Ground
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