Kampung Sumber Alam Garut: Where To Stay at Garut

Garut, a city which is located 1-1,5 hours from my hometown Bandung, is famous a weekend getaway destination from Bandung as well as from Jakarta. Though it takes 5 hours drive from Jakarta, lots of people think the journey worth it.

Time stops when you are in Garut! You will be spoiled by the view, the fresh air, the food and (for me especially) the hot spring. 

I choose staying at Kampung Sumber Alam, because it's my favorite resort in Cipanas, Garut, since I was in high school. Apparently, the resort is very well maintained, it was still as good as my last visit, 8 years ago.

Kampung Sumber Alam in the morning

If you visit their website and confused which room to choose, don't worry... you are not alone! I was also confuse, so I decided to make a call to the resort.

Our Experience at Kampung Sumber Alam

With my request to be close to the pool, the hotel's staff advised me to choose Bungalow 1-4. He said it will be enough for 2 adults and 2 kids.

The view from our room: right into the pool

Yes the room is directly located opposite the pool, but the bed was only for 2 person. Our room is bungalow number 2.

The wooden bungalow
At the end, all of us succeeded sleeping on this bed:p

Our bungalow is located on a fish pond, giving our Kiddos the chance to try fishing from the balcony. Unfortunately they didn't get any fish at all.

Having fun at the balcony

The pool was the highlight as always: the water was not that hot, so we could enjoy our swimming session. And look at the background of our pool, isn't it beautiful?

The view in the morning
Kiddos#1 at the pool

Which Bungalow To Choose?

Things to note: having a pool right in front of our bungalow was somehow annoying, because we had to deal with the kids screaming at the pool, etc. I think the better location is Bungalow 5-8.

There are also bungalows which are located closely to the kids playground. But the negative side of these bungalows is: you have to walk a little bit far to the swimming pool.

A nice kids playground is available at the resort
There's also a flying fox at Kampung Sumber Alam

The newest bungalows are located at the back of the resort: the Bungalow number 15-32. The size is smaller, that's why although new, it is cheaper than the bungalows located at the front area of the resort.

If you don't mind walking a bit far to the pool, better to choose these bungalows (number 15-32)

The Bathtub In The Room

You will have your own bathtub at the bathroom which can be filled with the water from the hot spring. Ours looks old, but it was clean.
The water is believed can cure some skin disease, and the water at your own bathroom is hot (not warm as in the swimming pool).

The bathtub with natural hot spring water


We did our breakfasting at the restaurant (because the bungalow comes with free breakfast and free dinner for two person), but the food were so average. I think it is better to eat at Asep Stroberi, or any other favorite restaurants in Garut.

If you are looking for a quiet place to stay at Cipanas Garut, you may consider Kampung Sumber Alam. You will find many spots and corner where you stop for a while to take picture.

I felt so fresh when I checked out from Kampung Sumber Alam, and I am sure you will feel the same way.

A beautiful pond at Kampung Sumber Alam awaits you

Kampung Sumber Alam
Phone Number: 0262 - 237700/ 238000 (It is one of the most favorite resort at Cipanas Garut, booking in advance is essential).

written on September 24, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Garut is my hometown but I never heard about Kampung Sumber Alam before :( how really pity

    1. Waduh..masa Mba Lina belum pernah ke sana ya?
      Kalau gitu, ayo segera direncanakan Mba..

  2. mau cobain nginep di Kampung Sumber Alam jugaa~ tempatnya keliatan adeeem gitu :D

    1. Iya Kak Fahmi, buat honeymoon cocok nih :)

  3. terakhir ke garut aku nginep di rumah temen yg ampuuunnnn sejuknya kebangetan... ga perlu ac lg mah di sana :D.. suka deh ama garut... udara msh dingin, makanannya enak2... next mw cobain nginep di resort deh mba

    1. Hehehe, damai banget ya Fan di Garut itu. Aku pun pengen next time coba di Kampung Sampireun.

  4. I've read about this place for so many time.... i hope someday i can really go there and feel that hot spring water hehehhe...

    1. Amin Mba Muna :)
      Pasti Nadia suka deh sama poolnya karena enggak terlalu panas.

  5. budget permalam disini berapa mba tasya

    1. Hai Mba... Aku dulu pas bulan puasa, jadi ada special rate Rp 750 ribu. Rate normalnya RP 1 juta.

  6. nice pictures and thanks for sharing.
    what else would you recommend to do in Garut? Is it worth taking the trip from jakarta/bandung?
    from kuala lumpur :)

    1. Hi Melanie, thanks for visiting tesyasblog.

      How many time do you have in Indonesia? If you have enough time, it is worth it taking the trip from Bandung. But my advice is, stop for some nights first in Bandung, then head to Garut. And avoid weekend.

      Garut is famous for its Kawah Kamojang (Kamojang Crater), and also visit Candi Cangkuang (Cangkuang temple). You can see our pictures when we visited Candi Cangkuang, when you click the related post section at the end of this post.

      Have fun in Indonesia, if you need more information, do not hesitate to drop me email.

  7. saya udah booking 2 malam disini, semoga puas honeymoon disini. hihi