The Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

I said "yes" to the proposed itinerary made by mr.husband when we were planning our couple trip to Perth, Australia. He told me about visiting Kalbarri National Park which requires a 7 hours drive from Perth.

I put aside the long trip that I will have to experience, eventhough I knew I am not "a roadtrip person". Australian's National Park has always been a must visit place when we travel as couple.

I am sure you will also agree.

Looking through the Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

To avoid the heat, we left our motel at Kalbarri in the morning and head to the gate of Kalbarri National Park. There was no one at the gate, we paid with a machine, AUD12 per vehicle. Then we put the payment slip on the dashboard of our rented car.

The entrance gate

This is where visitor should purchase the entrance ticket (by themselves)

We continued driving, the road was ok until we saw a sign that we will be entering a gravel road.

From this point, we had to reduce the speed
So here it goes: the gravel road!
Too bad we didn't see any Kangaroo at Kalbarri National Park

It took about 20 minutes ride from the entrance gate to the parking area. And we were welcomed by flies when we opened our car. I regret that we didn't buy flynest to cover our face. Each cost AUD6 and could be bought at the supermarket at Kalbarri. 

Flies attack

There's no turning back. We started our walk from the parking area to the Nature's Window. The round trip walk is 1 km, with a spectacular view along the way.

Let's begin our trekking :)
The signs along the track, to keep everyone safe

Finally we reached The Nature's Window. The flies were still so annoying, but we were too excited, I guess. So we kept on taking pictures. We take turn with other visitors to sit inside the window.

Hello there Nature's Window
It was our turn to take the picture

The flies were also excited to take pictures with us:D 

Selfie with the flies!

The Nature's Window was not the only beautiful thing we saw at this national park, the view around it were amazing. We took a short trekking to the opposite of the Nature's Window. All we saw was the beautiful rocks and also a river in between.

The view from Nature's Window 
A river down under

The view when we were walking back to the Nature's Window

Approaching midday, we left the parking area and went back to our motel. But mr.husband made a quick stop at a lookout called Meanarra Hill, where we could see beautiful view of Kalbarri.

At Meanarra Hill
The flora at Kalbarri
The beach at Kalbarri

After visiting The Kalbarri National Park, we are planning to see more of the Australian National Parks. That includes Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, number 1 on our National Parks bucketlist :)

If you are planning a trip to Perth, consider to visit Kalbarri as well. This place is amazingly beautiful.

written on September 10, 2015 
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  1. Speechless liat foto2nya mbak..keren banget. I'll put this on bucket list too :)

  2. Aih,msuper duper keren kak, bisa nih nyiapin budget terus utk kemari :)

    1. Mari menabung Kak Liza, aku juga pengen balik lagi...

  3. Mba tesyaaa...dah sampe sini ajah....ajak ajak donk..hahha...skr dah plg ya mba..

    1. Hai Widi...iya udah pulang lagi hehe..
      Ayo kapan mau ke Kalbarri?

  4. kenapa di sana bnyk fliesnya mba? apa tempatnya berbau ga enak gitu yg bikin lalat dtg?

    1. Enggak ada bau apa-apa sih, katanya ini the worst sejak 10 tahun terakhir. Fenomena alam karena musim nya aja (:

  5. Kerennyaa mbak..sayang kemaren ga sempet kesini..

    1. Tapi kalau bawa anak-anak roadtrip 7 jam kesini agak berat memang hehehe...
      Nanti deh jalan berdua pak suami aja ya Bubu hehehe...