Roadtrip From Perth to Kalbarri

Planning a roadtrip in Western Australia? Why not trying our route, a 6-7 hours drive from Perth to Kalbarri. I admit it was a long journey, but it offers so many things to see.

One of them was Nambung National Park (2 hours drive from Perth), but we decided to visit it on the last day of our roadtrip. Which was a decision I regret until now. We could not stop there as it was was raining on our way back to Perth (:

We started our journey by heading to Brand Highway from Perth heading to Geraldton, the biggest city closest to Kalbarri.

From Perth to Geraldton

It was a bright sunny day when we started the roadtrip from Perth. Although it was supposed to be in autumn (we did this roadtrip in May), it was still very hot.

This is why mr.husband loves driving in Australia: the empty road.

Along the way, our view was like in the below picture. A little bit boring, and the hot weather made it worst. I slept most of the time, but succeeded to take picture of the cute sign of "Caution: wildlife in this area" with Australian animals on the sign.

The view of our roadtrip in Western Australia

There's also sign to take pictures in some places. Maybe we have to provide this kind of sign in Indonesia as well.

Our little car at the photo spot

After a stop at Geraldton, I was so happy that it was only an hour left to reach Kalbarri.

"Are we there yet?"

Approaching sunset, we arrived at Kalbarri (finally!), we parked our car near a supermarket and stayed there until sunset. 

Waiting for the sunset

Lucky that we were welcomed by a beautiful sunset that day, after 7 hours of roadtrip from Perth.

Hello there, golden sunset :)

It was so peaceful indeed

I guess the very long roadtrip was paid off with this view....

 I love sunset, anywhere in the world

From the very first day, I knew I'd love Kalbarri. It's a small town where people knows each other and they were so friendly to visitors. And not too mention, it has many beautiful places to visit which I will share in the next post. Our long roadtrip was well worth it.

written on September 17, 2015 
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  1. Halo mbak, really love your story.. mbak, saya minta izin pasang foto mbak di blog saya buat sebuah tulisan. semoga tak keberatan :),,

    1. Hai Mbak, silahkan. Untuk tulisan mengenai apa dan foto yang mana ya? Mba boleh email aku ke Makasih ya..

  2. Mbak di Pert itu kita nyetir di kiri apa di kanan? trus sim nya bagaimana, pake sim A dari Indonesia bisa?

    1. Hai, nyetirnya sama dengan di Indonesia. Untuk SIM nya, bisa menggunakan SIM internasional, atau SIM A kita diterjemahkan pleh penerjemah tersumpah. Ada postingan tesyasblog sebelumnya, coba googling: SIM Indonesia di Australi ya.

  3. Hi Tesya. May I know where did you stay while in Kalbarri?

    1. Hi, we stayed at Kalbarri Seafront Villas.