Things To See in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is a little town located around 600km northern of Perth, famous for its national park having the same name with the township. 

Kalbarri has a tag line for its tourism which is "Kalbarri, you'll love it" and yes I loved it on the first day of our visit. This place is awesome with so many things to see.

One fine morning at Kalbarri

Sunrise at Kalbarri

A warm sunrise woke us up, and we were so ready to explore Kalbarri that day. Before heading to the National Park, we stopped a while to see the sunrise.

At 08.45 am everyday, there's pelican feeding on the foreshore. But we had to avoid the heat at Kalbarri National Park, so we skipped the pelican feeding and headed to Kalbarri National Park.

The river and the city in the morning
Good morning from Kalbarri

Kalbarri National Park

We are big fans of Australian's National Parks, and the Kalbarri National Park is one of our favorite national park.

We made a separate post regarding our visit to Kalbarri National Park on tesyasblog.

This is where we started our trekking at Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri Township

Kalbarri is a laid back city, along the Murchison River. Most of the hotels and motels are located opposite the river. With a view to the lush garden and the river.

There's a supermarket, some restaurants and souvenir shop at the heart of the city.

The central of Kalbarri town
The park and the river

Pink Lake

It was a sunny day in the morning until midday when we visited Kalbarri National Park, but unfortunately after 3 pm, it became cloudy.

From our motel, we drove along Indian Ocean drive heading to Port Gregory and stopped at the famous Pink Lake. This lake has so many beta-carotene in the water which made the water pink.

Look at the pink water

We spent some time here just sitting along the lake. Only few cars passed this road, we enjoyed the tranquility at Pink Lake.

The pink lake and the Indian Ocean Drive

Port Gregory Jetty

Then we drove further to the Port Gregory Jetty, where we saw boats and one man who was busy fishing at the jetty. Everything was closed at 4 pm, so we stayed there a while to take pictures and headed back to Kalbarri.

The only person we saw at the jetty
Beautiful boats
The beach at Port Gregory

Coastal Cliffs

The cliffs we saw at Kalbarri was really beautiful. First stop was the Red Bluff. It is supposed to be a nice place to see the sunset, but it was really cloudy approaching sunset time.

Arriving at Red Bluff

Anyway, we enjoyed the dramatic coastal. Look at this rocks formation, it is amazing! It is believed to be 400 million years old.

The Red Bluff

Then we moved to another lookout to see the Natural Bridge. It reminds me to the London Arch of Victoria's Great Ocean Road. 

The lookout to see the Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge, seen from the lookout

Actually there's a path to do coastal walk in this area, where yo can move from one lookout to another one. We didn't have much time, so we move around with our rented car.

Our last stop was the Island Rock, which looks like the apostles we saw in our Great Ocean Road sunset tour back in 2012.

The Island Rock

It was a special day for me and mr.husband to see all nature wonders in one day. I wish I could stay here at least for a week!

Visit Kalbarri, you'll love it.

written on September 19, 2015 
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  1. yg bikin aku nunda2 trs mw ke aussie ini krn AUD naik trus sbnrnya ;p.. makanya bbrp thn ke depan planning mw visit negara2 yg ga bgitu tinggi currencynya ;p tp ttp suatu saat aussie hrslah didatangin ^o^

    1. Iya nih Fan, era tiket murah berakhir sudah (:

  2. Mbak, ke Kalbarri ini, apakah bisa pp dari perth?

    1. Hai Mbak, terlalu jauh, one way nya sekitar 6 jam. Jadi baiknya disana menginap 2 malam.