Lost at Punggol Waterway Singapore

Yeay! So happy that I and mr.husband decided to have a weekend getaway in Singapore once again. This time, I wanted to do something different, and go to a place which we have never been before in Singapore.

After those blogs walking and googling, our choice was to cycle at Punggol Waterway, this place was found when I search information about Singapore National Parks.  

I have read, that we had to take bus 84 from Punggol MRT and alight at the Punggol Road End bus stop. But it was our first opportunity to take LRT in Singapore. I wouldn't miss that!

And that's how we got lost in Punggol Waterway. We took the wrong direction from Damai LRT Station, and suddenly we were on a bridge surrounded by huge apartments. 

The Punggol Waterway, between the apartments

Taking LRT in Singapore: Our First Time

We took orange line MRT: Mountbatten, from our hotel at Evergreen Residence, in Aljunied area. Then we alight at Serangoon MRT Station, changed to the purple line MRT heading to Punggol.

When we alight at Punggol, we took escalator upstair where the LRT station is located.

And here comes the cute LRT Singapore, so much different than the LRT in Kuala Lumpur, right?

LRT in Singapore, it looks like Changi Sky Train

From Punggol MRT station, we took LRT heading to Damai LRT Station, and tapped our Ez-Link when we exit the station. The Damai LRT station was small, but as usual very clean.

Damai LRT Station

Walking from Damai LRT Station to Punggol Waterway

What you have to do: After tapping the Ez-Link, turn right, take the stairs down, and turn around to the opposite side of the stairs. After few meters, you will see an interchange, just cross it, and you'll be at the entrance of Punggol Waterway.

When you see this entrance, just go inside

What we did: we walked straight after taking the stairs down from LRT Station. Somehow at that time, our google map was not working! So we walked about 30 minutes before finally back on the right track:p 

We didn't manage to see the entrance. Actually we took the picture of the entrance when we exit the Punggol Waterway:D 

We kept on walking though, and found it very peaceful in the morning.

It was so peaceful and serene at Punggol Waterway

As we walked further, we found out that the apartment complex has a great playground, having the equipments which are also available at Scientia Square Park

The different was, we have to pay at Scientia Square Park which is located in Serpong (1-1,5 hours away from Jakarta), while this playground area is free.

A very nice playground between the apartments

The Punggol Waterway is surrounded by beautiful lush garden and there are many photographic bridges and other objects along the way. Getting lost at Punggol Waterway gave us chance to take many pictures of the area.

The Kelong Bridge from a distance

The pathway is very clean

Let't cross this bridge
On the bridge

If you are tired, you can also take a break on this beautiful gazebo.

The beautiful Punggol Waterway Park
The view from the gazebo to the left
The view from the gazebo, can you spot the tiny LRT passing by?

After one hour of walking, we decided to go cycling, because it was too hot to explore the area on foot. We walked back to the main road (and that's when we found the entrance to Punggol Waterway Park). We crossed the road and take bus number 84 to Punggol Promenade. 

After what we've seen and done, lost in Punggol Waterway is a blessing in disguise:D So we had a chance to explore the area on foot as well as on a bicycle. I will write in the next post our 2,5 hours exploring the Punggol Waterway on a bike.

Our new favourite place in Singapore: The Punggol Waterway

written on November 18, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Seneng yaa kalo liatrapi dan bersih banget gitu

    1. Iya Om Cum, bikin betah walau cape juga jalan kaki di sini hehehe..

  2. nth kapan lah indonesia punya sungai bagus begini yaaa -__-

    1. Sabar Kak, mungkin sebentar lagi ada di Jakarta dan sekitarnya. Amiin :)