Kailis Fremantle: The Best Seafood and Fish Market in Town

Kailis' Fish Market Cafe was our main reason why we intended to visit Fremantle. It was on the top list when I was googling "where to eat good seafood in Fremantle". We wanted to eat the best fish and chip in Fremantle.

We got there on a rainy day, which was too bad, otherwise we could sit at the outdoor area, enjoying Fremantle's fishing boat harbour. Yes, the restaurant set beautifully on the waterfront, and it was one of the restaurant which is always full with visitors.

Kailis and the boats

There's a parking place few steps away from Kailis. If this one is full, you could park your car at the parking place near the railway and the ferris wheel. Kailis is only a short walk away.

The entrance to Kailis from the other side

We sat down inside the restaurant to warm our body. Although the rain had stopped, still it was too cold to sit outside.

Welcome to Kailis' Fish Market Cafe
The view from our table, how I wish we could outside

When we got to Kailis, we ordered directly from the cafe. It was a mistake, as actually we could choose to order from the fish market or from the cafetaria. Anyway, the fish and chip taste (and also looks) awesome. It cost starting AUD18. Ouch, expensive! Of course we only ordered one portion, and it was big enough to be shared with mr.husband.

The menu at the cafe
Waiting for our order
Our delicious fish and chip at Kailis :)

For the sake of our experience, we wanted to try the cooked seafood at the fish market area. Oooh they all look so delicious! I will let the pictures tell you how fresh the seafood at Kailis. You should try them all!

The fish market is located just next to the cafetaria
I wanted this cooked lobster badly, but look at the price!
Smoked octopus, anyone?
We ended up choosing cooked prawn 

We ordered 250 grams of cooked prawn for AUD8, and I should say that it was the best prawn I had in my entire life! I mean it seriously!

I regret our decision to order the fish and chips. Not because of the price, but having fish and chips made us so full that we couldn't try anything else other than the prawns (: 

For us, the cooked seafood was more delicious and of course healthier.

This cooked prawn was super delicious!

There is no better place to enjoy seafood than in those waterfront restaurants. Especially at Kailis, which has this sign in front of their restaurant :)

Having seen this sign, Fish and Chips was our first order:p

A visit from Perth to Fremantle is well worth it, for its beautiful harbor and of course fine restaurant especially Kailis' Fish Market Cafe.

The harbour and the ferris wheel of Fremantle

written on December 12, 2015 
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  1. Ya ampuuunnn mbaaaaaa ^o^...ngeliat udangnya aku lgs pgn ke sanaaa :D... bnr tuh, walo aku jg suka fish and chips, tp mungkin krn itu digoreng, jdnya bikin perut cepet kenyang yaa.. utk seafood segar begini, aku jg ga keberatan utk ngeluarin budget lebih buat makan...

    1. Setuju Fan, ini tuh emang mahal tapi worth it banget. Enaaaaak!

  2. kalau di konverse ke rupiah harganya lumayan yah kak

    1. Iya Kak, emang makanan di Perth ini luar biasa mahalnya kalau di convert ke IDR (: