E Shed Markets Fremantle: Cheap Souvenirs in Perth

We don't really have an urge to buy souvenirs while traveling. Most of the time we don't mind buying souvenirs from tourist attraction place, as long as they are unique. We only buy few things anyway, so the price different will not be significant.

However, I love to visit markets! So I planned to visit E Shed Markets located in Fremantle, a short drive from Perth. This market is famous as the place to find cheap souvenirs in Perth.

We still had our rented car that day, after our roadtrip to Kalbarri National Park. It was a good thing because it rained heavily throughout the day. We parked our car just in front of the main entrance.
Our little car in front of the market

Things To Do in E Shed Markets

1. Enjoying The Fremantle's Picturesque Working Harbour

Drink coffee in one of this restaurants

E Shed Markets is located in a historical warehouse building in the heart of Fremantle port. It is the only waterfront market in Western Australia where you can see the boat passing by.

You can have your hight tea in one of the restaurants having a terrace to enjoy the view.

2. Take A Look At Those Unique Shops

Not only souvenirs, you can also find antiques, crafts, fresh vegetables and fruits, and many more. We came accross this scrap metal art work shop, and the works were impressive!

Our Kiddos would love this

3. Buy The Cheap Souvenirs

The most famous souvenirs shop at E Shed Market is the one with Indonesian as the waiters. The shop is called Aussin. You can shop using Indonesian languange at E Shed Market:)

The Aussin Shop at E Shed Market

Love the design of those caps :)

One of my fave thing at the souvernis shop is the bag with "Australia" on it

4. Have Your Meal at The Foodcourt

There's a decent foodcourt inside E Shed Markets to take a rest after your shopping time. We only took pictures of the foodcourt because we planned to dine at Kailis, a seafood restaurant located along the harbourside of Fremantle.

The food is varies, you may choose what's your favorite

There's also a Kebab stall at this foodcourt

5. Buy The Nuts, Addition to The Souvenirs

On the top of buying Australian souvenirs, you can also look for a good quality of nuts at E Shed Markets. Australian nuts are famous, so you can also buy this and share it with you loved ones at home.

Looks very yummy, but too bad the nuts were expensive:p

Wheter you are planning to buy cheap Australian souvenirs or not, I might say the E Shed Markets is really worth a visit. The building itself is unique, you can stroll around and taking lots of pictures of the surroundings.

How To Go To E Shed Markets From Perth by Train:
You can take Fremantle Line from Perth and alight at the train station which is located just stones away from E Shed Markets. For more information about the train timetables, go to Transperth website.

written on December 8, 2015 
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  1. waahh asik dunk bisa blnja sama org indonesianya :D.. kamu kyk mertuaku mba.. tiap kali pergi ke suatu negara, yg diincer pasti tas dgn tulisan negara itu.. ada 40an lbih koleksi tas nya yg begitu.. bntuk hampirsama, cm nama negaranya aja yg bedain ;p

    1. Ohya sama hobby-nya ngumpulin tas ya?:D
      Iya asik berasa di Tanah Abang:)

  2. mba Tesya, makasiih yaa blog nyaaa,saya bulan Juni mau jalan2 sama suami dan ayah saya. tp bener2 buta banget disana mo ngapain aja. thn lalu kami memang ke Melbourne krn adik saya wisuda,dan dia jd tour guidenya,lhaaa skrg krn mumpung visa msh berlaku jd saya suami dan ayah saya inisiatif pergi sendiri kesana. mohon pencerahannya. transportasi disana gmn? wkt di Melb kebetulan kami ber 7 (saya, suami, ayah, ibu, kakak saya-suami dan putranya) dipinjamkan card buat naik trem oleh kawan2 adik saya. lhaaa klo di Perth kita ga tau deeeh gmn

    1. Hai Mba, dulu aku sewa mobil pas mau ke daerah di luar Perth. Kalau dikotanya ada CAT Bus gratis. Gampang kok Mba, kotanya kecil soanya.