Royal Hotel Perth Review

I had two requirements when I was looking for a hotel to stay at Perth on our first night: it has to be located at Perth CBD and it should cost AUD100 at the maximum. 

The good news was, we were not visiting Perth on a peak period, but still looking for a hotel that cost AUD100 for two person in the heart of Perth was troublesome.

Until I found Royal Hotel Perth through booking[dot]com website, and yup their cheapest room was AUD100, but it comes with a shared bathroom. Because we were going to stay for a night anyway, the shared bathroom was not a big issue. After reading its positive review on tripadvisor, I clicked the reservation button.

An antique hotel in the heart of Perth

The Lobby

When I first entered the lobby of Royal Hotel Perth, I stumbled with the interior of the lobby, especially with the hanging lamp. Yes the building is old but everything is well maintained and clean.

There's only one sofa available near the reception desk, but as it is a budget hotel, I think this small lobby is lovely enough. We got our key and proceed to our room.

The check-in process was fast and efficient 

The Room

Our room was quiet spacious and very cozy. It has a television, phone, and also a working desk. They didn't provide slipper though, so if you choose the room with a shared bathroom like we did, consider to bring slipper to go to the bathroom.

It was the cheapest room available at Royal Hotel Perth 

The Hallway

The shared bathroom is only few steps away from our room, the male and female bathroom are separated. The problem is, I always feel that the hallway in this hotel is a bit spooky. Maybe because I saw at the entrance that the building was established in 1882? Well I don't know, but I am going to share the pictures with you.

Now tell me what do you think of the hallway of this hotel? I always ask mr.husband to accompany me walking from our room to the bathroom:D

The Location

With that price for Perth standard, this hotel is cheap considering it's only 5 minutes by walking to Perth CBD.

Located on the corner of William and Wellington Street.
Picture is taken from the hotel website

When you exit the hotel, you will see this busy intersection, with some lovely cafes nearby.

And just accross my room, there's Jamie's Oliver restaurant. We didn't try dining out at the restaurant, however I managed to take picture in front of the J Symbol.

Jamie's Oliver restaurant in Perth 
I didn't notice this J sign, until a lady I met on the street
recommends this spot

I would not hesitate staying at Royal Hotel Perth again, when we are taking our Kiddos to Perth. But next time, I will choose a room with an ensuite bathroom. The experience of walking in the hotel's hall just to go to the toilet, was not an enjoyable experience. Well at least for me:D But still the hotel's location is unbeatable.

written on December 5, 2015 
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  1. hallwaynyaa horrooorr biangettttt...hihihihi

  2. memang horror mba :).. Makanya aku ga prnh mau stay di hotel/hostel dgn toilet terpisah.. tapi sbnrnya hotel ini asyik yaa.. kamarnya aku suka deh.. Australia blm msk2 dlm listku nih -__-... pak suami msh blm kepengin ksana.. ntr kalo udh mau, blog mu pasti yg jd acuan referensi pertama :)

    1. Hahaha...hotel ini asyik karena lokasinya Fan.
      Iya tar mudah2an buku Family Backpacking seri Australia nya udah keluar:) Amiiin..

  3. Waduh.... baru baca reviewnya. Sy sudah book Royal Hotel untuk Feb 2016, share bathroom juga untuk 3 malam. Serem ya mbak....

    1. Gpp Mbak, enak kok deket kemana-mana. Mungkin itu cuman perasaan aku aja:D
      Have fun di Perth ya Mbak :)