Kafetaria 170 Bandung

If you are heading to Bandung or going back to Jakarta from Bandung via Pasteur toll gate, you can stop for a while to have some snacks or even enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner at Kafetaria 170.

Kafetaria 170 is located on Jalan Pasir Kaliki, very close to Pasteur toll gate. However, if the traffic is bad, you may need 30-45 minutes from and to Pasteur toll gate.

This restaurant is very eye catching, not only because of its cute look, but also because the parking place is so limited, resulting traffic jam near the Kafetaria 170, most of the time. 

What an eye catching building on Jalan Pasir Kaliki

It is our unwritten rule that we have to go back to Jakarta at 12 pm at the latest, everytime we spent a weekend in Bandung. Of course it's our strategy to avoid the bad traffic jam. Before leaving Bandung, we stopped for our brunch at Kafetaria 170.

The Kafetaria 170 is not that crowded at brunch time

I and Kiddos#1 who love bakpao, ordered some dim sum and a cup of Cappuccino. It took years waiting for my dim sum to be served! Something to be improved by Kafetaria 170: dim sum is supposed to be served fast. When my long awaited dim sum finally came, I must say that they all taste good.

You should try the dim sum
Dim Sum doesn't really fit well with coffee,
but this Cappuccino taste great!

I also ordered the Manado main course to be shared with mr.husband, and they are all very yummy. If you are looking for a heavy meal at Kafetaria 170, try their Manado dish. Or you can also pick the menu from the list. I picked from the menu fried rice for our Kiddos.

I wanted to try them all!
But at the end, I only tried this

While waiting for your meal, you can shop Bandung's snack at Kafetaria 170. The most famous snack is their Pia 170 (their butter scotch Pia 170 is the very famous!), or you may want to buy small bread at Roti Iput. It save your time to dine and shop at Kafetaria 170 :)

I tried the cheese flavor and it is recommended!
It sells mini bread, just like Roti Venus in Bogor

If you are planning to have lunch here, coming one hour before lunch time is recommended. And afterwards, you can also shop other Bandung's snacks at Prima Rasa which is located near Kafetaria 170.

written on March 6, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. ya ampuuun g ada abis2nya cafe baru di bandung ya mbak :).. dan aku makin ketinggalan saking udh lamanya ga kesana ;D.. emg hrs pergi deh, mumpung ini masih cuti maternity ;D

    1. Aku aja yang sering ke Bandung, banyak banget kelewatnya kok Fan sekarang...
      Ayo atuh ke Bandung mumpung cuti.

  2. Lucuuuuu ... boleh dicobain kalo ke bandung

  3. Seminggu sekali saya ke bandung, tapi ga pernah mampir2 kulineran hiks :'(
    Kafe nya bagus bangetttt ini..

    1. Aku juga seringnya di rumah aja kalau ke Bandung hehe..

  4. baiklah, eke akan kemari next trip ke bandung...tengs kakaaa

    1. Iya Vari, cobain dim sum ya, tapi yang sabar nunggunya hehehe...