Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean Review: Beyond Expectation

On our second night in Semarang, we stayed at Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean. Being a budget hotel, we didn't expect too much of this hotel. Especially after our blisful stay at Novotel Semarang on the first night.

When we arrived at Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean, we were amazed by the look of this hotel. There were so many "WOW" factors of this budget hotel: the building was eye catching with its purple color, the lobby was so fresh and bright, everything in Ibis budget Semarang Tendean looks brand new. 

The eye catching Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean

The Colorful Lobby of Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean

Walking inside the lobby, we were welcomed by a modern reception desk and a very friendly staff. Check-in was fast, we got our room key. "You will be staying in our standard room with a bunkbed", the staff explained to us.

And as you can imagine, our Kiddos were super excited, "We got a BUNKBED!" Oooh boysss!

The entrance
The modern reception desk

There's a spacious meeting area at the lobby with colorful and unique chairs and also two computers at the corner, where guests could connect to the internet.

The lobby with an internet corner

Actually there was a souvenir shop at the lobby area, but it was already closed when we checked-in.

Compact Room With A Bunkbed

We went directly to our room located on the 7th floor. The hallway to our room was really lovely! I didn't even feel that we were inside a budget hotel.

Colorful carpet and walls heading to our room

Although the room was small and compact, it was perfect and really value for money. This room is for 3 adults, two person could sleep on the queen bed, and 1 person could sleep on the bunk bed.

For a family like ours, Kiddos#1 slept at the bunkbed, and the three of us slept on the queen bed below. Before going to bed, our Kiddos wathed the cable tv from the bunkbed. It was a special experience for them to stay in a hotel room with a bunkbed.

Our bunkbed room :)
From the bed to the door
Our Kiddos really love the bunkbed.
We watched over them when they were seating
on the bunkbed.

Beside the bunkbed, we love our beds and pillows! They were so comfortable just like sleeping in the 5 stars hotel! No wonder before going the room, I saw a poster regarding how comfortable the pillow is.

I love the pillow at Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean :)

The shower and toilet was separated, and I think the design is very smart. All space inside the room is used very efficiently. And even with the left space provided, we found an ample space to take our Muslim prayer (shalat).

Towels, soap and shampoo were provided in the room, but you have to take your own tootbrush.

The toilet and shower
The soap and shampoo is available inside the shower area

Before going to bed

Lovely Posters All Over The Hotel

Other things I love from Ibis Budget Semarang is all the posters inside the hotel. Beside the poster of the pillow above, I love the baby poster at the lobby, so cute!

Sleep like a baby at Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean

Trying to be an angel:D

The Central Location of Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean

Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean is located at the central of the city. It is easily accessed from Semarang Tawang Train Station (4KM away) and also Ahmad Yani International Airport (10KM away).

The next morning, we took taxi from Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean to Ahmad Yani International Airport which cost IDR 40,000. Too bad we had to catch our early flight that morning, so we couldn't enjoy the breakfast at Ibis Budget Semarang.


I recommend Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean for a budget family holiday in Semarang. For the price of the room, you will get something beyond expectation.

Book the room at Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean on your next visit to Semarang, you will love this hotel!

Jalan Kap Pierre Tendean 21
Phone: (+62) 24 - 3563000

We were guest of Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean, however review written here is ours and based on our stay at Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean

written on April 8, 2016 by @tesyasblog


  1. sempat nyobain ini pas ke semarang bulan lalu, tapi baru tau loh ada bunk bednya..

    1. Kalau balik ke Semarang jangan lupa pesan kamar bunkbed ya Mba.

  2. Waa... bunkbed. Seru nih klo sama anak2 yaa..

    1. Iya Mba, kalau ke Semarang cobain deh tidur di bunkbed:)

  3. Reviewnya baguus bgt mba.. bikin kepingin nginap disana.
    Harga inap untuk kamar bunkbed brp mba?

    1. Thanks Mba for your nice words. Sekitar Rp 400 ribu semalamnya Mba. Value for money, kan..

  4. Lucu juga ya kamar yg ada bunkbed gitu. Brp per malam mb?

    1. Rp 400 ribu an Mba Maya per malamnya.

  5. Baru pertama kali lihat bunk bed untuk keluarga di hotel budget. Bagus juga ya. Yang penting menurutku sih bersihlah. Hehehehe

    1. Iya Mba Lia, konsepnya economic and smart hotel banget :)

  6. Meski kamarnya kecil yang penting ada jendela n bunk bed nya ya tesya hehehe

    1. Iya Astri, dan yang penting deket juga kemana-mana.
      Jadi kapan ke Semarang nih?

  7. Hi sis..
    We are your silent readers from Msia.Really enjoy reading all your posts on your beautiful Indonesia.Hopefully,Allah would grant our wish to visit there one day.

    Do visit our blog..(Pssttt...We even list your blog in our bloglist ..He he)

    1. Hello..just visited your blog and read about your New Zealand holiday! Ya Allah...how I miss NZ! -_-
      Thanks for the link in your bloglist :)

  8. Salam kenal mbak Tesya. Bunkbednya keren ya penataan ruang jadi efisien. Budget hotel yg smart. Para jagoan di atas sungguh menikmati ya mbak. Salam

    1. Salam kenal Mbak Prih, iya suka banget dengan design compact-nya. Bunkbednya udah mencuri hati para jagoan kami, Mba! Hehehe..

  9. Bunkbed nya lucu, kalo bawa anak kecil pasti suka ya

    1. Iya Mba, anak-anak suka banget bunkbednya. Tempat tidurnya juga nyaman, ac nya dingin...ahh pokoknya so worth it deh :)

  10. kalo dpt bunkbed, aku yg bkl tidur di atas mbak ;p. soalnya dari dulu memang paling suka tidur di atas, drpd di bawah, daaaan aku slalu ngerasa bakal ketimpahan tempat tidur di atas kalo tidur di bawah hahaha ;p.. makanya ga prnh mau yg di bawah, kecualiiii kalo tempat tidur bunkbednya di sleeper train ya.. itu mah malah ogah di atas, krn agak ga nyaman aja terlalu deket ama atap kereta

    1. Hahahah lucu banget sih kamu Fan, takut ketimpahan segala...
      Di sleeper train aku pernah bobo di atas, Alhamdulillah ga jatuh:D

  11. Koneksi WiFi-nya bagaimana mbak?