Novotel Semarang Experience: Our Blissful Stay In The Heart Of The City

Having always stayed at Novotel Semarang on my previous business trips to Semarang, made Novotel Semarang my first choice when I took our Kiddos for the first time ever to Semarang. 

This time, we traveled to Semarang from Jakarta by train, so having a hotel which is centrally located was what we needed. Taxi was only IDR 40,000 from Semarang Tawang Train Station to Novotel Semarang, a shopping mall just across the hotel, and the Lawang Sewu Museum is in a walking distance.

The spacious lobby of Novotel Semarang welcomed us, check-in was fast, the staffs friendlines were awesome and the orange juice provided as the welcome drink was really refreshing. I knew from the start that it was going to be a great stay at Novotel Semarang.

The lobby of Novotel Semarang
At the reception desk area
Kiddos#1 was enjoying his orange juice

The Room With A Bathtub

Our room was located on the 4th floor, a few steps from the lift. It has a large king bed and a bathtub. Perfect! Our Kiddos love room with bathtub.

A Javanese touch at the backdrop
Yeay, a bathtub!

Wifi was very fast, I opened my macbook and sit on the desk provided. From the window, we could see Paragon Shopping Mall. It was a long weekend, so the mall and the traffic was really crowded.

The room's view

Enjoying The Swimming Pool & Fitness Center

Of course our Kiddos requested to directly go to the swimming pool. So we spent the rest of the day at the pool.

We enjoyed the pool until the lighst were on
Our Kiddos love the pool of Novotel
A modern and well equipped fitness center by the pool

A Night Well Spent at Novotel Semarang

Afterwards, we went downstair for our dinner at Citrus Restaurant. When we stepped in, we felt like it was our home. It was really big with beautiful lamps hanging on the ceiling. Our Kiddos went straight to the sofa, they always choose sofa whenever we dine out.

This is the view from our sofa 

For the starter, I ordered Loenpia Semarang. I thought there will only be 2 pieces of the Loenpia at the maximum, I was wrong. Oh my, I am telling you the Loenpia at Novotel is really delicious!

Semarang's most famous traditional snack: Loenpia.
You have to try this when you dine at Citrus Restaurant

We ordered Nachos for me and mr.husband, and Pizza for our Kiddos from Citrus Restaurant. The food were really delicious that our Kiddos#1 went to the kitchen and took a picture with the chef. He would like to say thank you for the pizza.

Delicious Meat Lover Pizza, probably the best in town
A very crunchy and tasty nachos!
Kiddos#1 with the chef

For the beverages, we ordered ice lemon tea for me and Kiddos, while mr.husband ordered a glass of mojito.

Mojito and the complimentary bread

Apart from the steaks, I might say that the food was affordable. No wonder that night the restaurant was full with families celebrating easter.

30 minutes later, the restaurant was full

One hour after dinner, I went to the In Balance Spa which is located near the pool. Mr.husband and Kiddos waited in our room. I was going to enjoy the "mom's time":D 

I had an hour massage by Miss Deti, one of the therapist. Before going to the room, a hot ginger drink was provided.

I was so ready for the spa!
A relaxing drink before the massage
Which oil is your favourite?

The massage done by Miss Deti was really good, especially after a six hours journey by train from Jakarta. She put on the music and turn off the light, changed it to a dim light for a relaxing ambience.

Miss Deti was really friendly, I asked many things about places to go in Semarang with kids. One hour was really fast when you enjoy the massage and the chit chat in between. What a perfect way to end my day at Novotel Semarang.

The room for the massage

Big Breakfast at The Square Restaurant

We were welcomed really nicely before entering The Square Restaurant that morning. The restaurant was busy, but we succeeded to get a seat at the sofa. Yes, always on the sofa:D

Welcome to the Square

Our Kiddos picked cereals and milk for their breakfast, while I started my morning with a Dilmah tea. The service was top notch, I only tell the staff the flavor of Dilmah tea I choose, and she sent it with a teapot to our table. Wow!

So many varieties of tea!
My strawberry Dilmah tea in a teapot 
Kiddos#1 was enjoying his breakfast

The breakfast at Novotel Semarang was really special, you could find anything you want here. From traditional food like Bubur or Pecel to waffle and pancake. Ohh.. not to mention the arrays of cheese and "manisan" served at The Square. 

Pecel Semarang
Bubur Ketan & Kacang Ijo
Look at those cheese!
"Manisan" aka dried fruits

For a traditional drink: Jamu, you can find also Jamu at the entrance of The Square. Or for a person who doesn't like jamu, you can have the healthy infused water.

I choose lemon infused water

Jamu on the becak, cute!

Make sure you book bed and breakfast at Novotel Semarang, because the big breakfast at The Square is something that you should not miss!

Can you spot the Batik on the chair?
The hot buffet

Novotel's Kids Room

Before leaving the hotel, our Kiddos requested to play at the kids room located close to the lobby for a while. They saw a family played video game last night, so the were really interested to play at the kids room.

But instead of playing video game, they took a hula hoop, one..two..thre.. go!

The kids room at Novotel

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Novotel Semarang, and looking forward for our next stay!

We were guests of Novotel Semarang, however this post is ours and written based on our experience staying at Novotel Semarang.

Novotel Semarang
Jalan Pemuda no.123, Semarang
Phone: (62-24) 356 3000

written on April 1, 2016 by @tesyasblog


  1. I've never been to novotel semarang mbak..secara orang semarang ngapain nginep dihotel coba. Tp sesekali staycation kayanya bisa nih
    Nice review :)

    1. Iya Mba Muna, cobain staycation di Novotel Semarang. Pasti Nadia seneng banget kaya Kiddos deh :)

  2. udh ga diraguin lagi lah kalo lumpia di hotelnya enak mbak :D.. semarang gitu loh, penghasil lumpia paling enak ;). aku jrg nginep kalo ke semarang ini, krn toh cuma 3 jam lagi ke solo kan.. makanya suami lbh suka lanjutin perjlanan

    1. Cobain Fan sesekali inep, terus makan Loenpia nya deh:D

  3. Love those traditional teas collection!

    1. Yes Kak Feb, and the Loenpia was awesome!

  4. Kasur nya juara gede banget, muat ber 4 hahaha

    1. Iya Om Cumi, muat donk pastinya:)
      Ayo Om inep sini..

  5. Wah mantab ya mba hotelnya...makanannya buat ngiler deh....anak2 kliatan happy sekali ya

    1. Iya Mba FItri, anak-anak seneng banget nginep di Novotel Semarang :)

  6. Wah terakhir aku nginep sini kok udah gak ada display becak jamu-nya ya.. Btw itu pesanan makan malam kita ternyata hampir mirip, hahaha :D

    1. Hahaha satu selera kita ya Kak Gio, pizza dan lunpia :)

  7. Halo mbak Tesya mau tanya.. waktu ngine di novotel semarang dulu kamarnya tipe apa ya, makasiih 😀

    1. Hai, saya lupa, tapi rasanya kamar deluxe.