Hartwood Bandung: Great Food & Place To Dine Out

No matter that many new restaurants and cafe are coming to Bandung, still I found it hard to decide where to take our family for dinner. Saturday evening is always very crowded in Bandung, so easy access (and less trafiic) to the restaurant is very important. Yes there are many beautiful restaurants in the northern part of Bandung, but it is far away from my house which is located in the southern part of the city.

Restaurants in the heart of the city has been our preference, and one of them is Hartwood Bandung. The restaurant is located on Jalan Cimanuk (near Jalan Riau), very close to the factory outlets area on Jalan Riau.

Hartwood Bandung is also only a few meters away from our favourite coffee shop in Bandung: Two Cents. Read our full review of Two Cents: A Cafe To Start Your Weekend in Bandung.

The entrance to Hartwood, just next to a tea cafe called Pocci

Basically Hartwood Bandung is divided into two parts: the one with the bar and the other one inside an old house. As always, our Kiddos picked up the sofa. Now, imagine enjoying our dinner from a sofa:D

The bar of Hartwood
The cozy old house which has been renovated to a restaurant
Kiddos with their grandparents

We started our dinner with the fried mushroom. It was my fave menu at Hartwood Bandung!

Fried Mushroom for IDR 32,000, a really great starter!

Steak and pasta came afterwards. Teriyaki Salmon (IDR 86,000) and Bratwurst Pasta (IDR 49,000). If you prefer Indonesian food, there are also some menu you can choose, from Kampong Fried Chicken to Iga Bakar (Grilled Beef Ribs).

Hartwood Bandung also had Chocolate Waffle for our Kiddos (IDR 32,000). It looks very tempting in the below picture and yes it tasted real good. A must have!

For its price, food, and easy access to the restaurant, I highly recommend Hartwood Bandung for your breakfast, lunch or dinner on your next visit to Bandung. Bear in mind that the restaurant is always full on a Saturday night, so coming early is recommended.

Hartwood Bandung
Jalan Cimanuk no.12 Bandung

written on May 31, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Duh, it's been a while that I haven't visited this place again.

    The waffle looks tempting :9

    1. Aaah Om Timo, we should dine at Hartwood together sometime:)

  2. ya ampuuun mbak, itu sosisnya bikin neguk ludah :D.. emag terlalu banyak cafe2 di bandung ya.. akupun slalu bingung mw makan di mana tiap kali kebandung .. bingung milih yg cafenya cantik, tapi makanannya juga enak.. soalnya bbrp kali nemu cafenya cantik, tp makanannya so-so.. malesin bgt yg begitu

    1. Iya bener banget, paling males kalau kece gitu dari luar tapi biasa ajaaa..
      Hartwood ini oke banget by the way, makanannya enak-enak:))