Mommies Day Out Trip to Goa Pindul Jogjakarta

I remember that day when suddenly after 20 years, I got a whatsapp message from Irbiq, my friend from high school saying that she was in Jakarta (she lives in Lombok). We met up, and few months after our meeting, we agreed to have a reunion trip to Jogjakarta.

Why Jogjakarta? Hmm, we are not going to do the "AADC2 trip" (the movie) kind of thing, but our friend Windy, owns a lovely villa near Goa Pindul Jogjakarta called Omah Kemala. So the idea of a reunion at Windy's place was the best idea that we could think of :)

I will make a separate review of Omah Kemala, but this time I'd like to share with you our mommies (existing mommies and mommies to be) day out trip to Goa Pindul Jogjakarta.  It was my first time exploring the place and I loved it!

We were about to end our Goa Pindul trip

We left Omah Kemala at 7 am, and headed to the basecamp of our Goa Pindul tour provider. It cost us IDR 35,000 per pax (yes including the rented equipment such as life jacket, etc).

"You will need about 30 minutes for the Goa Pindul cave tubing" Pak Yanto, the tour guide, explained it to us. Other than cave tubing, there's also jeep ride package and rafting package. We all agreed to try the other activities some other time.

Getting ready with the life jacket

Goa Pindul is located few kilometers away from the basecamp. So we had to take a special ride on the car which is usually being used to take cows on it. Of course we were so happy:D

Standing on this mini truck
We were almost there

After a 5 to 10 miutes ride, we arrived at the entrance of Goa Pindul. By then we just realized that we didn't have any money. We left our bag, wallet and everything in the car, so we didn't have any money to buy drink, and even to go to the toilet that cost IDR 2,000 :p

We were one of the first groups that morning
Aaah those steps!
Another basecamp of one of the cave tubing provider

It was a quite long walk to Goa Pindul. Make sure you wear a comfortable sandal, not like my sandal which was a wedges sandal. Oh no!

We met one group who arrived really early
Yeay, there was no one at Goa Pindul:)

At one place, we were requested to take our own tyre. Lucky me that my hands were full as I brought GoPro and a bottle of drink. So our guide offered me to bring my tyre all the way to Goa Pindul.

Strong woman:D
Finally we arrived at the cave

Our journey began, one by one we had to sit on the tyre with our sandals. All the tyres were tight up, and the water was freezing cold.

Four tyres were tight up already, mine is next
Inside the cave, it's a really beautiful cave!

It was really peaceful inside the cave, as we were the only group. We saw all those beautiful stalactites, and also the bats. Actually we could also swim in one area, but no one did that. So we just sat and relaxed on the tyres, enjoying the beauty of the caves.

But the journey ended to soon, I wish we could have spent more time inside. At the end of the cave, we left our tyres and headed back to the place where we alight from the mini truck.

We had two guides for the cave tubing 

Before going back to the basecamp, we went inside the Goa Baru, with an entrance fee of IDR30,000. We saw a crystal inside the cave, really beautiful! And this cave reminds me a lot of our visit to Jenolan Caves in Australia. Read more the story in this link.

If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would visit Goa Baru first, then do the cave tubing. So that I would have a dry clothes entering Goa Baru.

Tips for your Goa Pindul Trip in Jogjakarta:
1. Stay around Gunung Kidul, so that you could beat the crowd and enjoy the peacefulness inside the Goa Pindul. Come as early as possible.
2. Bring some money when you left your basecamp. You will need a water proof bag to keep your stuff to be taken inside the cave.
3. Use a sandal with a strap, so you will not loose your sandal inside the cave.
4. If you'd like to swim inside the cave, do not forget to bring your towel and toiletries, and of course your extra cloth.

Thank you Leon, Rea, Ika, Irbiqs and Windy for this Goa Pindul trip. I am looking forward for our next reunion trip :)

See you all soon!

written on November 2, 2016 

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  1. nice tips mba, asik bgt ..pas lagi gak penuh ya mba kesananya??

    1. Kesananya pagi Mba, rombongan lain belum datang.

  2. guidenya nunjukin batu penis ga mbak :D? ada batu yg mirip penis di dalam goa pas tubing.. aku dulu itu lanjutin lagi sampe rafting di sungai oyo nya... tp ga seru, arusnya ga kenceng.. ga naikin adrenalin :D

    1. Hahaha, aku kok ga inget yaaa... Wah musti diulangi ini:D
      Next nya aku mau pake rafting ah Fan, penasaran belum pernah rafting seumur hidup:D

  3. Mba Tesya..buat Mommies day out lagi dong.. Aku pengen ikutan niih..😄

    1. Hai Sari, ini aku mau pergi ke Bangkok.. yah..coba ikutan yaa :)

  4. Ah senangnya lihat Mommies Day Out seperti ini, Mbak... Aku mau juga ah bikin dengan teman-teman mommiesku :)

    1. Hahaha iya Mba Mel, apalagi kalau udah jarang ketemuan...