Omah Kemala Review: Where to Stay Near Goa Pindul

As a family traveller, it is very important to find a big accommodation in order to sleep properly, providing our Kiddos are getting taller and bigger:D We are going to spend one long weekend in Jogjakarta in this coming December, and I have spent hours to search hotel meeting our criteria for family of four. 

At last we decided to spend one night at Gunung Kidul, to be able to start our cave tubing in Goa Pindul early in the morning. And because I really enjoyed our one night stay at Omah Kemala, I have reserved another night at Omah Kemala with our family.

Omah Kemala is a villa using Limasan (Javanese house) located about 10 minutes ride to Goa Pindul. In the low season, the whole villa is IDR 800,000 for 8 person, including breakfast. And having stayed there before, I must say that the price is really worth it. And I am going to share with you my review on this beautiful villa.

This villa stands out at the area of Gunung Kidul
Picture was taken by @rea_thea

The Living Room

Windy, the owner of Omah Kemala loves design interior and she designed the whole villa by herself.

Being in the living room, you will feel that the house is decorated wholeheartedly. You will feel a warm living room, where you could talk hours with your loved ones.

The Room & The Bathroom

There are four rooms at Omah Kemala, with only two rooms having airconditioner. The limitation of electricity usage in this area, is the reason why Omah Kemala only provide 2 airconditioned rooms. But don't worry, fans are provided.

This is the picture of main bedroom where I slept when I was staying at Omah Kemala.

Next to the main bedroom, there's a bathroom, a very lovely one. Hot water is not provided, but it was ok. I also have to say that I loved the water pressure from the shower.

Toiletries and towel are provided for 8 guests.

The Kitchen & The Dining Room

Omah Kemala has a lovely kitchen which is fully equipped. You will find anything you need here. There's also one staff of Omah Kemala who will provide everything you need.

For dinner, we bought Bakmi Jawa (Javanese noodle) and ate at the dining room. One portion was only IDR 15,000 and it was very delish! Too bad I didn't take the picture of the Bakmi Jawa.

The next morning, the staff of Omah Kemala provided breakfast for us. The menu is simple, something you will find at your home. But it taste really delicious. The vegetables were taken from the garden behind Omah Kemala. Fantastic!

Omah Kemala is A Kids Friendly Villa

This villa has a special house for kids just in front of it. The little house is very eye catching from the outside.

I went inside this little house, and it felt really homey with all the girls stuffs inside.

The villa doesn't have a swimming pool, but you can make your children busy by visiting a farm close to Omah Kemala. Your kids could pet cows and chicken at the little farm.

I Just Loved Every Details of Omah Kemala

I enjoyed taking pictures of Omah Kemala, there are lots of beautiful stuffs which are very photogenic :)

Picture was taken by @rea_thea

Picture was taken by @rea_thea

And did I mention that I also loved the balcony with comfortable chairs around?

Picture was taken by @rea_thea 
Picture was taken by @rea_thea 

Ample Parking Place For Your Car

If you do self drive here, do not worry as there are ample parking place in front of the villa. The road to the villa is also wide enough for two cars.

The parking space

The road around Omah Kemala

This place is an ideal place for your family holiday in Jogjakarta, especially when you are going to visit Goa Pindul. 

Disclaimer: we were guest of Omah Kemala, but in no way impact our review on this place. Thank you Omah Kemala for having us

Omah Kemala
Phone: 081218479959

If you would like to order Omah Kemala, book directly from its website and tell Tesya sent you :)

written on 6 November, 2016
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  1. Homey ya, dan itu lantai nya nampak adem :-)

    1. Iya Kak Feb, adem banget lantainya... Betah deh:)

  2. villanya totalitas banget ya bikinnya.. nuansa tempo doeloenya dapet :D.. lantai tegel gitu, tp tetep berkesan homy

    1. Iya Fan, yang punya emang suka banget design interior, jadi total deh ini villa :)

  3. Simpen dulu ah kapan2 kalo beredar di gunung kidul aku jg mo nginep sini ah

    1. Asik, seneng deh pasti Nadia dan adeknya di Omah Kemala :)

  4. Waaaa, lengkap! Nyaman, tempatnya lucu, ada fasilitas rumah mainan sama muat 8 orang lagi. Mauuu :))

  5. Sederhana ya, Mbak, tapi rasa mewah :)

    1. Iya Mas, kapan-kapan main kesini, kan udah deket dari Jogja :)

  6. Sudah book untuk lebaran ini sepertinya akan menyenangkan. Tq reviewnya

  7. Kl sewa 1 rumah muat u berapa orang yaa??ada limit person kah?

    1. Hai, silahkan kontak via DM ke IG Omahkemala ya.