Buttercup Bakery Bandung - When Good Food and Great Place Collide

So this is it, my fave bakery in Bandung: Buttercup Bakery, located on Jalan Dago Bandung, just in front of the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton. Well, don't get confuse by its name, because actually it is not only the bakery, but also the cafe which provides delicious fine dining. Or a soft of.

I came across this bakery when I saw their pictures on instagram, and I just love the place! The interior is so grande, yet they reviews say that the price of the food is still affordable. Which I questioned, is it really that affordable?  

Jalan Dago was so crowded on the last week before Christmas, so was the Four Points Hotel Bandung. Lucky we still got parking place in the basement, took a lift to the hotel lobby, and just walk to the opposite building where we found the entrance to Buttercup Bakery Bandung.

Buttercup Bakery with its christmas tree

We sat on the first floor, just across the bakery. While waiting for our order, we enjoyed the cafe's atmosphere, and taking pictures of the bakery.

The second floor is rented for private event (up to 35 people), with minimum order which I forget to exact how much. If I am not mistaken it is IDR 1,500,000 for weekday and above that amount for weekend. 

The lamp is surely the icon of Buttercup Bakery Bandung
I bought some bread to be taken away, and they taste awesome!
Cookies, anyone?

We intended to have lunch at Buttercup Bakery Bandung, but when I saw the menu, wooow it is expensive! However we were starving at 3 pm, as we haven't had lunch yet. At the end I decided to splurge a bit, mr.husband didn't even notice the price on the menu:p

He choose the baked rice with spicy chicken which cost IDR 120,000. Expensive right? But after a long roadtrip from my office in Jakarta that day, I thought I should give him a reward:p

The chicken is so yummy but not that spicy

I started my meals with the cheesecake, which is very small and cost IDR 10,000. You know what, it taste soooo good!!

The Buttercup Cheese Cake taste like Bake cheese taart
Love it!

After the cheesecake, I continued with the salad and pumpkin soup. Both taste really great, especially the soup. If I visit Buttercup Bakery Bandung again, for sure I will order the pumpkin soup.

All the food were lovely presented with those wooden bowl or plates.

I ate the whole bread of my pumpkin soup bowl:D
My late lunch that day

Beverages price are in the range of IDR 25,000 to IDR 50,000 and I choose the matcha ice blended, while mr.husband the coffee. It taste just average, so I think the next time I will choose mineral water instead.

This place is recommended to hang out with your friends, just to enjoy the bakery, drinks and the place. While for having a heavy lunch like what we did, I think it is too much. Well, it is located on the premium location with this grande interior, no wonder the price are also premium.

Before leaving Buttercup Bakery Bandung, I took a picture with the stairs, because everyone else did it:p 

Will I be back? YES, for the cheesecake :)

written on January 7, 2017
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  1. Saya baru tau tempat ini. Catet ah buat nanti kalau ke Bandung :)

  2. Catet ... buat kalo ke bandung nanti

  3. iya sih, baked ricenya lumayan mahal yaa... itu doang lg lauknya...

    tapi utk cheesecake boelhlah.. karena kalo seloyang utuh aja bisa 200rb :D.. kpn2 aku jg mau kesana ah mbak

    1. Mampir Fan, aku aja setiap ke Bandung bakal mampir nih:D

  4. Terima kasih sudah mereview