Bamboo Eco Cottage: Our Glamping Experience in The Middle Of a Rice Field in Ubud

I came across Bamboo Eco Cottage when I was searching a room in Ubud for one night. We didn't intend to do glamping in Ubud, but when I see the picture, and also the affordable price, I couldn't resist.

I ask my husband whether it will be ok to stay at this kind of place, in the middle of a rice field with our Kiddos. And he answered that the place as seen from the pictures was fabulous, so I booked through airbnb. If you need the airbnb link, just search "Bamboo Eco Cottage Ubud" or you can find it in this link

And when we got there, the place is just too awesome! It sets in a beautiful rice field, I love the surroundings, the fresh air, aaah every single thing.

Our glamping in Ubud

This Place Is Not For Everyone

Well, it is stated in the airbnb listing: "This place is not everyone". The owner is fair enough to state such a thing. Yup, this place is not for everyone as it doesn't have any door. Wait, no doors at all? Nope.

This was the best glamping ever!
Direct access to the nature

Is it safe? No worries, it was safe, and it is separated from the outside rice field by this wooden gate.

Walking into our villa
The beautiful gate

How did we sleep? Kiddos on the top and adults on the main bed. Of course our Kiddos love their bed. But the next morning they moved to our bed:p

Going to his castle through a ladder
On his bed
On our bed

There was no mosquito as we were covered thoroughly by mosquito net. Approaching sunset, we sat outside enjoying our family time while listening to the nature. It was so serene and unforgettable.

Time is stopped here
After sunset

How About The Toilet?

Yes I know, this is your question. Hahaha.. The shower is outdoor, while the toilet is inside. It was super clean, so do not worry about the toilet:D

Toilet and the shower on the right
The view to the room from the bathroom
And here is the shower

What A Great Surprise: It Has A Swimming Pool :)

From the link provided by airbnb, we didn't know that there's also a swimming pool just meters away from our villa! 

Our closest neighbour was the Firefly Villa, which rent rooms. In total there are about 8 rooms. Apart from the rooms, it has a kitchen, a common area, a pool and the unique swing. The Bamboo Eco Cottage is part of Firefly Villa, so we could use its facilities as well.

Our neighbour seen from our villa

But other guests has a different access to Firefly Villa, so they will not be passing Bamboo Eco Cottage. This way, our villa is kept private.

The small pool at the main villa
The common area
Would you like to try this swing?

What To Do In The Morning?

The morning is the best time to take beautiful picture of the ricefield. The surroundings is so gorgeous. Please enjoy the pictures taken by mr.husband.

Our Kiddos#1 accompanied his dad to take picture and finally he met mr.cow in the rice field. He was so happy!

The Best Breakfast Ever!

After taking pictures, we had our breakfast at the resort. A simple breakfast but when you have it in a beautiful place, I felt like having my best breakfast ever:D

Mr.Made delivered the breakfast for us
Still Kiddos#2 asked for a cup noodle:p
Ready for our breakfast
Our special breakfast in the middle of the rice field

By the way, we could also order food from the restaurant at the main villa. On the first day, we ordered fried rice which was very delicious and reasonably priced.  This fried rice cost IDR 40,000, and the price was well worth it.

Our Kiddos' fried rice

The Location of Bamboo Eco Cottage

If you are asking about the location, Bamboo Eco Cottage is 5 minutes drive from Warung Mina. Warung Mina for your information is not far from the Arjuna Statue in Ubud. 

We parked our car at a church, and walked to Bamboo Eco Cottage. Of course at night, you will need a flash light to walk from and to Bamboo Eco Cottage.

And may I suggest you to travel light if you wish to spend your night here? It will be easier for you to walk via the rice field, especially with kids in tow.

The pathway was like this
Checking out from Bamboo Eco Cottage

How Much Doest It Cost?

After discounted by our airbnb travel credit, we only paid IDR 550,000 for a night stay including breakfast. If you are a new member to airbnb, you can use my coupon code: TMERIAM1 for your first airbnb reservation. You will get discount up to USD25.


It was an unforgettable experience to stay at Bamboo Eco Cottage Ubud for our family. If you think that the resort will also suitable for your family, you should give it a try. At the end, the experience is the one thing that will be remembered.

written on April 26, 2017 
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  1. ah ini sekompleks sama firefly ya kak? udah bbrp kali aku eye-ing properti ini di AirBnB, lucu ya glamping nya, view nya super ciamik !

  2. utk temperatur gimana? brati nggak ber-AC itu? gerah nggak? ato malah dingin kena angin malam?

    1. Enggak Mba Tyas, enak banget udaranya sejuk, enggak perlu AC. Etapi enggak tau juga ya kan pas siang kami belum sampe sana hehehe..

  3. Gilaaak kereen kereennn.... Aku jd pgn ke bali dan nginep di sana mbaaa :D. Sumpah unik bangetttt...

    Tapi kenapa sih aku g prnh bisa pake vouchermu itu.. Slalu gagal mba :(. Makanya kemarin aku g bisa masukin pas book airbnb k jepang dan korea.. Aku udh coba iseng pake login punya suami, trs masukin kodeku, gagal juga.. Pake kodemu sama aja, ga bisa . Prnh pake kode orang lain, ttp ga berhasil. Akhirnya aku kmrn book semua penginapan , g ada yg pake voucher diskon :(

    1. Iya Fan cobain, bener2 pengaalaman baru :)
      Yang lain pada bisa kok pake voucherku huhuhu..

  4. mba , kesana pada bulan apa ? karna klo kesana rice fieldnya udh selesai panen kan kurang bagus ya kayaknya