Ubud With Kids: Swimming at Jungle Fish Bali

To my surprise, mr.husband had google about one place in Ubud called Jungle fish. He had never mentioned about this place until we were having lunch at Bubur Laota, near Bali's airport.

Just in time, when our Kiddos wanted to go to the beach, we offered another option. Going to a beach club with no beach. Well, after a gelato stick, finally Kiddos#2 agreed to go directly to Ubud.

An hour later, we arrived at Jungle Fish and from the moment I stepped in, I really fell in love with this place. A rice field welcomed us, and we didn't let the opportunity to take picture with the scarecrow. It reminds us of the Poldy the scarecrow :)

Hellow Mr.Scarecrow!

Jungle Fish Bali is a complex of restaurant, swimming pool and a resort called Capung Se Bali Resort and Spa. Its tagline is: "The no beach... beach club" Cool tagline isn'it?

After taking picture session, our Kiddos was so ready to go swimming. Kids' favorite place other than toy store is swimming pool, indeed:D

Kiddos#1 with the scarecrow
Another scarecrow
Let's go to the pool, Kiddos!

We went down to the pool via a lush garden, and the view was so breathtaking. Loved it!

Going down the stairs
A cloudy afternoon in Ubud
Finally, the pool..

We had to pay IDR 100,000 per adult and IDR 50,000 per child. And for a place like this, I think the price is really worth it. Then I sat on a lazy chair as a bag keeper, enjoying my drink. I wish everyday my view was like what I saw in Jungle Fish Bali.

Ice lemon tea for IDR 50,000
Too bad there was a tent for live music in the middle of the pool
What a lovely pool

We spent hours at Jungle Fish Bali, until it was time to check in at Bamboo Eco Cottage, our rented airbnb villa in Ubud. But the view and ambience I enjoyed at Jungle Fish Bali stayed in my heart.

I wish I could go back soon!

A beautiful setting
I loved the trees here
Next time, I would love to stay here at Capung Se Bali Resort
'Till we meet again Jungle Fish Bali!

written on April 3, 2017
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  1. asik bgt tempatnya...suka deh...

    1. Iya Mba Fitri, betah berjam-jam di sini..

  2. OMIGOD... duuhh, bisa release stress banget ya mbaaa di sini

  3. Dah lama bgt ke bali.. Liat ini jd pgn lg.. Tp aku memang ga suka ke pantai2nya.. Pasti maunya ke daerah ubud ato yg hijau2 dan sejuk begini :)

    1. Iya Fan, ini cocok banget kayanya buat Fanny, jauh dari pantai tapi tetep bisa berenang :)