Rafting With Kids at Ayung River Ubud

What should you do if you are travelling with kids to Ubud? Well, kids may not really enjoying all those lovely coffee shops in Ubud, wouldn't they? 

How about trying the rafting along a river called Ayung river? I have heard about this rafting in Ubud so many times, but haven't had the chance to take our Kiddos there.

This was my second rafting experience, the first one was in Sukabumi, West Java. But the experience is really different. Maybe because of the beautiful view along the way, which is way more beautiful than what I had experienced in Sukabumi.

And of course the experience was different because it was the first experience that we took our Kiddos age 9 and 7 years old on a boat for the rafting. Our Kiddos said that it was their best experience ever. Do you wanna try?

Our family on the rafting boat, picture was taken by Go Pro 4

The Preparation

We drove from the place we stayed in Ubud: Bamboo Eco Cottage to the final stop of the rafting (the basecamp of Sobek Rafting). We choose Sobek Rafting as our provider, as we met their representative at Garuda Travel Fair, back in Jakarta. 

We paid IDR 1,200,000 (or around USD 100) for the whole family. The package including towel (for the shower afterwards), buffet lunch, as well as pick up and transfer to the hotel. But we didn't utilize their transfer and pick up service as we had our own rented car. 

The price is more expensive for foreigners, please check their website.

From the basecamp, we were transferred by Sobek Rafting's van to the starting area. We gave the staff our printed booking, and we waited for a while.

Inside the van, Kiddos wanted to sit at the front seat

After registration and enjoying our welcome drink, we followed our guide to the equipment storage place to get our live vest, helmet and row. 

Getting ready
They have two side of row: for adult and children

When we were ready, we took picture with our guide, Mr.Komang.

Our Kiddos insisted to wear their goggles:D

Going Down To The River

Like it or not, we should go down to the river. I didn't count how many steps we had to take down, but I remembered a lot! Hahaha..

Taking the first steps down
Are we there yet?

Finally we saw the blue boats from afar. Yes, we did it! Mr.Komang went to the boat and had it pumped before we got in. While waiting for Mr.Komang, we were briefed by another staff of Sobek Rafting.

He told us what to do with our row, and of course he explained about the instruction that the guide will give us along the rafting journey.

Aaah finally!
Let's do the rafting!

Enjoying The River

We were excited on the boat and really enjoyed our 2 hours of rafting, the view was incredible and the journey was ok eventhough we took our Kiddos along. 

Really, you should try to take your kids for this rafting experience. Especially in Ubud.

Beautiful view from our boat
Let's go to the waterfall
Getting closer...
We also passed some beautiful hotels along the river

Let's Take A Break

After a half of the journey, we took a rest at a small warung. I am telling you that the warung sells drinks with a very expensive price (especially for a local tourist like us:p) Had I known this, I would have taken our own drink.

The small warung along the river
We only bought this Poccari can, it cost us IDR 50,000 (If I am not mistaken)
Waiving to other group while taking our rest

A Swim At The End

At the end of the journey, we let our Kiddos swim at Ayung river. Too bad the live vest and helmet should be returned to be used by other group. So our Kiddos only swam for a short period of time.

Swimming in the river

We took the steps once again and this time: going up!! Oh my, I felt like hours before we finally arrived at the base camp of Sobek Rafting. Hahaha..

We took shower in a very nice shower area which were separated for male and female, than we had our nice lunch at the restaurant. We were so hungry after a long journey of rafting.

Before going back to the airport, we bought a CD of our picture which cost IDR 200,000 at the souvenir shop. And let me post one of the picture to end this post, just to remind our Kiddos someday if they read this post. 

Hi Najmi and Arkan, I agree with you boys, it was one of our best experience ever!

We were having so much fun!

written on June 22, 2017
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  1. turun ke sungainya jalan jauh banget ya? tapi selesai rafting, naik tangganya jauh juga nggak?

    1. Turun dan naiknya sama sama jauh... Tapi ya mungkin untuk mendapatkan view bagus, turun dan naiknya harus jauh Mba. Hehehe..

  2. Rina Nuryanti4/7/17 9:49 AM

    Hi mbak Tesya, mau tanya dong. Harga rafting Rp.1,200,000 (usd.100 aprox) itu utk 1 pax atau whole family (4 orang) yaa? aku liat website mereka harga nya 1,055,000an per pax...Thank youu

    1. Hai Mba Rina, aku bayar Rp 1,2 juta untuk ber-4. Harganya aku dapatkan saat Garuda Travel Fair di JCC, Okt 2016. Kalau di web mahal ya (: