Svarga Resort Lombok: Where To Stay In Senggigi

I found Svarga Resort Lombok from the message I got via airbnb. I was searching airbnb apartment in Senggigi area, and the host told me that the listing located near Svarga Resort Lombok. I google the place and I fell in love with it. At the end, I didn't continue booking via airbnb, I reserved a room at Svarga Resort Lombok instead.

Our first time staying at Senggigi was at The Puncak, and we loved seeing the beautiful Lombok sky from the resort. And that was why I finally book a room at Svarga Resort Lombok. We could enjoy the sky from the infinity pool.

Not only the pool which made me book the room, but also the resort ambiance with its iconic "Batu Bolong". A stone with a whole in the middle.

The "Batu Bolong" at night

The Very Relax Lobby

We arrived around 2 pm after our lunch at Mataram. From outside, Svarga is not that big. But it has ample parking place, so no worry if you self drive in Lombok.

Welcome to Svarga Resot Lombok

We waited a while at the lobby for our room to be prepared. Even though not big, it gave us a very welcome feeling. It is also directly linked with a lush garden.

The unique roof of the lobby
The Batu Bolong seen from the lobby
The pond just outside the lobby

The Room at Svarga

We booked the cheapest room available at Svarga Resort Lombok via booking[dot]com. It cost IDR 800,000 per night including breakfast.

The room is located not far from the lobby, we walked through the garden to get to our room.

The rooms which are located on the ground
Another room located on the ground
The path to our room

Our room was standard, with only view to the garden. I like the design and the space provided. 

Our room at Svarga

The most exciting part was of course the bathroom. Oh my, I didn't know that the room I reserved came with an open space bathroom! Hahaha what an experience :)

The toilet and the shower
Seen from the shower
The shower, I looked up all the time to check no one was watching:D

The Unique Lift

After taking pictures of the room, we went outside to go to the pool. And of course we tried taking the lift upstairs. This is one thing you should not miss when staying at Svarga. You could see everything from the lift!

The background is the lift
Let's start the journey!
Look who is excited:D

Getting out from the lift, we saw better rooms with better view. Of course these rooms comes with more expensive price.

So lovely :)
Maybe I have should booked one of this room
The sky garden

And just outside the lift, we could walk through the stairs going to the pool or to the spa.

Going to the spa

Enjoying The Pool of Svarga Resort Lombok

We enjoyed the pool approaching sunset, hoping the sky will be dramatic during sunset. But too bad it was cloudy, nevertheless we did enjoy the sunset right from the pool.

The next morning, we also enjoyed our breakfast by the restaurant near the pool. The breakfast was awesome, you should book a room with breakfast if staying at Svarga.

Good morning Lombok :)
Loved the breakfast!
The morning view  from the restaurant

We Called It A Day

Too bad that we only stayed for one night at Svarga Resort Lombok. After enjoying the sunset, we went down (also using the lift) and the resort looks gorgeous.

Here's some picture of the lift at night. Now you know, the highlight of our stay was the lift:D

It was a lovely resort at Senggigi Lombok, I wish that the next time I stay here, I could bring our Kiddos. They will surely love the pool :)

written on April 21, 2017
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