Petit Hotel Melon Furano Review: A Place Called Home

It wasn't easy to find a place to stay in a city called Furano which is 2 hours away by train from Sapporo. Furano is a place where locals and tourists from all over the world go during summer to visit the famous Farm Tomita. Yes people come to see the beautiful lavender field.

I have been searching through booking[dot]com, for an accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children with a maximum budget of USD120 per night. But I couldn't find any. So I searched through airbnb website.

Petit Hotel Melon offers an affordable accommodation for us, deducted by our airbnb travel credit, our room cost only USD45 per night. It goes without saying that minutes later, our room at Petit Hotel Melon was booked. 

And I am glad I did, because this is a place where we feel really at home through our entire Hokkaido trip. The hotel from the outside was so lovely, set in a quiet area, that made our Kiddos#2 woke up at 9 am the next morning:p

What a lovely place to stay:)

The Location of Petit Melon Furano 

The location was our main concern as it is not in a walking distance from JR Furano Station. I have asked the hotel's staff regarding the cost of the taxi. The estimated cost was JPY1.300-1.500 and the actual cost was about JPY 1.400 one way. 

Getting taxi from and to JR Furano Station was a breeze, taxi is always available just in front of the station. And when we were heading back to the station, the hotel staff called the taxi for us. We waited outside and had a chat with Roman -a Russian who is working at Petit Hotel Melon- while waiting for our taxi.

Our Kiddos with Roman

Where to Find Food Around Petit Hotel Melon Furano

At the evening we walked outside the hotel to find something for dinner. We saw a convenience store nearby when we were on the taxi, so we thought we just go there to grab something for dinner and also breakfast.

And you know what, when we were outside, we felt that we were in New Zealand, not in Japan. Ooh my it was so beautiful :)

A gorgeous little town!
Furano is indeed a town for skiing
Yeah right, summer means ice cream time :)

We did reach Seven Eleven but afterwards we stopped in a small restaurant that from outside we read (or actually we saw the picture not "read":D) provides pizza. That night we had a pizza with Furano cheese and also one plate of pasta.

I was surprised to find the waitress speak good English here, in this small town. Lucky that we could communicate with her saying that we do not eat pork. So we ordered food full of cheese.

The restaurant was on the left
Just before we decided to get inisde:p
Waiting for our food in this small but very homey restaurant
This whole pizza cost JPY 1,000, very delicious!
The cheese was from Furano
This was the best pasta ever!

Lovely Room and Japanese Bathroom at Petit Hotel Melon Furano

You know.. kids always have special relation with water. Be it the swimming pool, the lake, the sea, and also the bathroom. When we saw the Japanese style bathroom in the basement of Petit Hotel Furano, our Kiddos requested to have a bath right away:p

Furano is famous as a ski area, imagine to soak inside a hot bath during winter here. Well, when we were there it was 19 celsius degree, so it was also very nice to have this kind of bathtub.

Waiting the bathtub to be ready
The Japanese Style Bathroom

Our room located on the first floor, just few steps away from the toilet. We had a quadruple room, a spacious room with very comfortable beds. Not only that, the view from our room was also very nice.

I wish we had stayed more than one night in this room.

Our room
Kiddos on their bed
The view from our window :)

Petit Hotel Melon's Common Area

As a hotel with shared bathroom, of course Petit Hotel Melon also provides a common area, which is also used for guests to have breakfast with an additional cost of JPY500 per person.

You could sit at the common area inside or outside the building. Both are lovely place to hang out.

The view from outside
We brought sushi that we bought at Lawson near JR Furano Station. 
And look at the wall of fame as our background:)
The outside balcony

There was also a swing outside which is a very instragammable spot :)

A lovely French style house at Furano

A Morning Well Spent At Furano Gondola Kitanomine

While I stayed at our room waiting for Kiddos#2 to wake up, mr.husband went for a walk with Kiddos#1. They went to Furano Gondola, which is called Kitanomine Gondola. It is located only meters away from the hotel. If you wish to take the gondola, visit this link.

The Gondola was too bad not in operation when we were there, but the walk to the hill gave mr.husband and Kiddos#1 a beautiful view to the city.

The view to the city
This used to be a ski ground during winter
Kiddos#1 on the hill

Apart from the Gondola, there is also Furano ropeway which we didn't go. Check this link if you need the information.


We loved staying at Petit Hotel Furano, and recommend this place for anyone visiting Furano. We hope someday to come back during winter in Furano :)

Fire place is waiting for us:D Someday we will be back for winter in Furano :)

written on July 17, 2017
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  1. suka bgt ma cerita perjalanan mba tesya family yang ini...

    1. Terimakasih Mba Fitri udah mampir dan membaca cerita kami :)

  2. Pizza nyaaaa... Aiiih, kejunya bener2 menggoda. Kangen jepang aku jadinya. Udh planning sih awal 2019 baru bisa ksana lagi. 2018 udh ga bisa dimasukin planning jalan2 lagi krn udh full :p. Hokkaido udh aku list hrs didatangin nih mba.

    1. Hahahah Fanny.. masa 2019 nya udah full aja sih?:D
      Aku betah Fan di Hokkaido, cobain deh nanti Fanny cocok ga ya disana..