Sapporo With Kids: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel

As far as I remember, I have never made a booking of any accommodations when they are not in operation yet. Of course I would like to know how the real picture looks like, and what other travelers say regarding my chosen hotel/ hostel. 

But it was not the case when I booked Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. I had this feeling that The Grids Sapporo was the best accommodation I could get at Sapporo. It provides a family room with shared bathroom, located at the heart of Sapporo, it's brand new, and the cost of the family room was so affordable: at JPY 9,350 nett per night (for 2 kids and 2 adults). 

The booking was made in March 2017 through booking[dot]com, while Grids Hotel+Hostel opened in early June 2017. I followed their instagram account and witnessed the construction of the hotel through pictures shared on Grids Sappporo's instagram account.

I was very happy when we finally arrived at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. You know... it always excite me when the whole time I only could see one place on instagram, but then finally it was in front of our very own eyes :)

And after staying at the Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel, I will tell you why you should choose to stay at this hotel, especially for family traveler looking for a budget hotel in Sapporo.

At the lovely common area of Grids Sapporo

1. Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel is Spotless!

We arrived one month after its opening, everything in the hotel was so brand new and really really clean! It's one of the most important thing when choosing an accommodation, right? Yup its cleanliness!

And I might say that Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel has a high standard of its cleanliness.

The shared bathroom is very clean:)

2. Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel Has A Lovely Family Room

We love our family room, it was very compact but we had enough space for our luggage and to do our prayer.

It consist of 2 bunk beds, and the bed and the pillow was really comfortable. And again I have to say that the room was very clean.

Our room was number 610

Guests are requested to make the bed. Do you know how to make your bed in Japan? Well we didn't know how to do it at the first place. So we thought that we had to cover the blanket with the sheet provided by Grids Sapporo. But we were wrong...

We found out that we had to put the sheet under the blanket instead. Too bad we don't have the right picture to post here, but anyway, just take it for your note: place the sheet under the blanket. So there will be two sheets: one is to cover the bed, and the other one is to cover the blanket from the bottom.

Our Kiddos#2 on his bed

3. Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel's Location Is Unbeatable

Where to stay for the first timer to Sapporo? I think it is better to stay at Susukino area rather than near Sapporo JR Station. Susukino is the heart of the city, where a shopping arcade called Tanukikoji is located.

And Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel is located at Tanukikoji, yup between shops, restaurants and cafes. How cool is that!

Welcome to Grids Sapporo
The Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade

And meters away from the hotel, do not forget to try the best takoyaki I had ever tried in Japan. You will not miss this stall as it is always full of people.

The best takoyaki in Japan

How to go to Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel from Susukino station? We walked through Sapporo underground which is called Pole Town. Then we found an elevator heading to Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, and continue walking to the Grids.

The Sapporo underground is an amazing walkaway, with many shops around, and also a place to exhibit arts. You know what, Sapporo is one city you should visit in Japan :)

4. Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel Has A Fabulous Common Area

The common area is located on the 2nd floor, it is also the place to serve you breakfast in the morning (with additional charge). Tea, coffee and water is provided for guests at the kitchen 24 hour.

Our Kiddos at the common area

There's also some computers which are located at the window area, with a view to Tanukikoji shopping arcade.

Two computers are provided


If we ever visit Sapporo again, we will come back to stay at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. The staffs are so friendly and helpful. They even let us store our luggage when we went to Furano for a few days and then come back to stay at the Grids on our last night in Japan.

This is the best hostel we have ever stayed in our entire travel journey so far. Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel is highly recommended.

Keep up the good work, guys!

written on July 13, 2017
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  1. feelingnya so good bgt ya mba buat the Grid Sapporo hotel+hostelnya

    1. Alhamdulillah pas baru buka jadi dapet promo rate Mba, terus aku pikir kalau hotel baru pasti bersih banget. Ternyata betul :)

  2. Udah pengen book sejak Mba Tesya post di IG dulu, sayangnya untuk tanggal yang saya mau full booked. 😭😭😭

    Btw mba, maaf out of topic. Pas explore hokkaido akhirnya pake Pass apa mba? Jadi pakai bus passnya atau ngeteng aja? Makasii

    1. Yaah sayang banget ya Mba Irma..
      Aku ngeteng di Sapporo on the first day. Pas ke Furano, beli Biei Furano 4 Days Train Ticket. Pas weekend di Sapporo, beli one day pass for Subway.

  3. Hi mbak, mo tanya utk shared bathroom nya apakah dipisahkan by gender?

    1. Hai Mba, seingatku enggak kalau di lantai untuk kamar yg private. Kalau lantai yang dorm, terpisah lantai untuk pria dan wanita.

  4. Hi Mba, anak2 5 tahun boleh nginap juga kan di sana?Soalnya ada yang info min 10 thn

    1. Anak aku waktu inep yang kedua belum 10 tahun Mba saat itu. Boleh selama di private room. Tapi supaya aman, coba aja di email ke Grids nya ya.