Mimiti Coffee & Space: Where To Go For Your Morning Caffeine Fix in Bandung

I love Bandung my hometown in the morning for its fresh air and less crowded traffic. The best thing to do is to have my morning jogging then head to a coffeeshop to wait for my husband and his friends cycling.

And one day, I finally made a visit to this famous coffeeshop in Bandung called Mimiti Coffee & Space. Don't be confused by google map or waze. The place is now already moved to a new address on Jalan Sumur Bandung.

The coffeeshop was just opened, I had it for myself and few other people. I loved how serene the place was.

You may choose the outdoor or indoor area to enjoy your coffee
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KL Coffeshop Hunting: Pulp Coffee at Bangsar

I was in Kuala Lumpur for a few days, and I wanted to visit some best coffeeshops in town. Based on my research on internet, some names popped up including Pulp Coffee at Bangsar. 

Fell in love with the exterior of Pulp Coffee, I paid a visit using LRT from Dang Wangi to Bangsar. I was confused when arriving in Bangsar, reviews on the internet didn't tell me how to get there using LRT. Although I got google map on my phone, still I couldn't read it:p

30 minutes later, I finally arrived at Pulp Coffee. From the outside, it was seen as a warehouse, until you read the mural on its window. 

Yeah, I think I need it too :)
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