Visiting Kyoto in Summer? Let's Try The Nagashi Somen at Hirobun Restaurant in Kibune

Just few days before our departure to Osaka, I saw on youtube people having what so called "Nagashi Somen". "Somen" is very thin noodle, made from wheat flour, serves as a cold noodle in summer. While "Nagashi" means "flowing".

I searched on google that the most famous restaurant serving Nagashi Somen is Hirobun in Kibuneguchi. We visited Kibune previously in winter (you may want to check my post in this link), and this time we had a chance to visit Kibune in summer.

Nagashi Somen is served between May to September, and we decided to have it a try during our summer trip to Kyoto.

The Hirobun restaurant at Kibune
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