One Day in Kobe: Strolling Around The Europian Style of Kobe Called Kitano to The Port of Kobe

This was our second time visiting Kobe, a city which is easily reached by train from Osaka. The first time we went to Kobe was only to eat the famous and expensive Kobe Beef. But the second time, we had one day until dark to spend at this beautiful city.

As we didn't have JR Pass, we went to Kobe by the limited express train on the Hankyu Kobe Line. It took us only 25 minutes from Umeda Station to Kobe-Sannomiya Station, and cost JPY320/adult. Hankyu Umeda station is located next to JR Osaka Station.

It was our first time ever to visit Hankyu Umeda Station, and we were amazed of the station. It is connected to a shopping mall, and once we entered the station, the atmosphere was totally different.

The train was already waiting for us
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Trekking in Mount Hiei, Followed By Taking The Eizan Ropeway And Cable Car

After our visit to Enryakuji Temple, we continued our journey to go back to Kyoto. From our research, we had to take the Eizan Ropeway and Eizan Cable Car. But to get to the ropeway station, we had to walk through the forest of Mount Hiei.

We left the Enryakuji Temple complex after our visit to the training hall which is called Hokke So Ji-in. The first sign we saw was this, stating that we needed to walk 1.4 km to the Eizan Cable Car Station. Ok, let's start the trekking :)

Don't worry you can read the English part of the sign
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Day Trip From Kyoto Part 2: Visiting Enryakuji Temple at Mount Hieizan

Enryakuji temple is located at the eastern mountain range of Mount Hieizan, miles away to the northeast from Kyoto. It is a quite Buddhist temple, and one of the most important monasteries in Japanese history. Up to now, it is one of the largest and most important temple in Kyoto.

It was founded in 778 by Saicho, the monk who introduced Tendai Buddhism from China to Japan. It became a Unesco world's heritage site in 1994, and as a Japan Heritage site in 2015. This peaceful mountain complex is a great alternative to escape the crowded temples in Kyoto, especially during peak period.

The ticket to Enryakuji Hieizan, cost us JPY700/person

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Daytrip From Kyoto Part 1: Going to Mount Hiei - Enryakuji Temple, Using Sakamoto Cable Car

Visiting Kyoto in early summer time, made us think that it was a great idea to put a little bit of hiking also in our itinerary. Mr.husband proposed to do a trekking to Mount Hiei, and to visit the Enryakuji Temple.

I have never heard of Enryakuji temple before, but when I saw the place on the internet, I know that I would fall in love with this kind of serene temple with less crowd.

We decided to go to Mount Hiei from Kyoto using the Sakamoto cable car and our daytrip will be continued from Mount Hiei to Kibune, to try the Nagashi Somen. Our route was perfect as it will be ended at Eizan Line, the line which we should take to go to Kibune Station. But of course you can do it on the other way, starting from Eizan Line to Sakamoto Cable Car.

The Sakamoto Cable Car is in red color

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