Visiting Kyoto in Summer? Let's Try The Nagashi Somen at Hirobun Restaurant in Kibune

Just few days before our departure to Osaka, I saw on youtube people having what so called "Nagashi Somen". "Somen" is very thin noodle, made from wheat flour, serves as a cold noodle in summer. While "Nagashi" means "flowing".

I searched on google that the most famous restaurant serving Nagashi Somen is Hirobun in Kibuneguchi. We visited Kibune previously in winter (you may want to check my post in this link), and this time we had a chance to visit Kibune in summer.

Nagashi Somen is served between May to September, and we decided to have it a try during our summer trip to Kyoto.

The Hirobun restaurant at Kibune

How To Go To Hirobun For The Nagashi Somen From Kyoto

It will be an easy and enjoyable trip if you are traveling from Kyoto to Kibune. From Kyoto station, head to Demachiyanagi Station by bus number 17. The one way fare is JPY230, or you might opted for a Kyoto One Day Bus Pass for JPY600.

Arriving at Demachiyanagi Station, take the Eizan Line from Demachiyanagi to Kibune Station. You can use the IC card (Icoca, Suica, Pasmo, etc) or buy the ticket from vending machine.

Once you alight from the train at Kibune Station, take bus number 33 to Kifune Jinja Shrine. The one way bus fare is JPY160, and please note that the Kyoto One Day Bus Pass does not cover this bus.

The Bus Stop for Bus 33 near Kifune Jinja Shrine

After you reach the bus stop, which is steps away from Kifune Jinja Shrine, just walk passing the shrine and all the restaurants along the way.

The Torii gate of Kifune Jinja Shrine
At the famous stairs of Kifune Jinja Shrine
Continue walking down the street

During summer, all the restaurants provide lunch on "kawadoko"; a patio like structure built above the river. And Kibune is famous for this kind of summer lunch. But due to the price (starts from JPY 3,000 per person), we only wanted to try the Nagashi Somen:p

The entrance to one of the restaurant
People enjoying their lunch on the tatami floor 

After about 500 meters from the shrine, you will be arriving at Hirobun.

Welcome to Hirobun :)

How Much Does The Nagasi Somen Cost?

For one person, the cost is JPY 1,300 and should be paid at the reception desk. You will not miss the counter as they also have the notes in English.

Paying at the counter

The staff will lead you to the waiting place. All you have to do is to keep the queue number with you, and read the instruction provided.

Our number
Stay alert for this sign!

Opening Hours Of Hirobun Restaurant

For the Nagashi  Somen, Hirobun starts from 11.00 am to 04.00 pm. I read from the internet, that during the peak summer time, the waiting time could be long. So better to come early for your flying noodle experience.

How To Eat The Nagashi Somen

The staff of Hirobun will prepare sets of tray for the guests. And they will distribute to each of the guests.

When all the guests were ready, the staff approached us and explain which row is for us, and which rows for other guests sitting next to us.

The tray sets for the Nagashi Somen
The staff was explaining our row
The soya sauce and wasabi, I was so ready!

Then it was time to catch the flying noodles :) It was a unique, light and refreshing meals, loved it! If you lost your somen, you will not get it back, so stay focus to wait the Nagashi Somen.

However, until the red somen came, which was the sign that our session had finished, we were still a bit hungry:D

For the sake of the experience, head to Kibune and catch the somen! 

Waiting for the Nagashi Somen
The somen
My happy face:D

Written on June 27, 2018
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  1. Kocak ya😂.. Enak ga rasanya Tes?

    1. Dingin gitu Utet, pertamanya ada rasanya, lama2 kecampur air donk jadi tawar:D

  2. duh ini kalo udah terlanjur bayar trus gagal "nangkep" somen-nya, rugi bandar dong yaah :D

    1. Hahahah iya rugi dan rasanya saying banget ngeliat kelewat itu hahah..

  3. Tumpang tanya miss, adakah restaurant itu halal? sy bertanya kerna ingin ke sana jugak.. selain dari somen makanan lain boleh ka di makan? sy dari malaysia, salam pekenalan.

    1. Tidak ada sertifikasi halal Nadiah, makanan lain terletak di lokasi terpisah dari area nagashi somen.

  4. Kalo januari atau februari ga buka yahh?