A Daytrip From Hiroshima to Miyajima Island

Our Japan trip was supposed to be only covering Osaka and Kyoto as we wanted to do a coffeeshop hopping around the two cities. But one day, mr.husband told me his plan, "Let's include Hiroshima in our trip. There's an island called Miyajima, a really lovely place to visit!"

Then I remember surfing on the internet regarding the Miyajima Island and I fell in love with the place. Well, yes I am easy to fall in love with beautiful places with less crowd and great view.

Miyajima Island was suddenly on our itinerary as a daytrip from Hiroshima. We bought an overnight bus ticket from Kobe to Hiroshima for this special visit to Miyajima. And if I have the chance to explore Hiroshima all over again, there will be a second visit to Miyajima Island for sure :)

The Great Torii, icon of Miyajima Island

How To Go To Miyajima Island From Hiroshima

If you have JR Pass, you can take JR train from Hiroshima Station to JR Miyajimaguchi, continued by taking JR ferry to Miyajima Island. All of these are covered by JR Pass.

We didn't have JR Pass, so we choose the cheapest way (although it took longer time), by taking the tramway/ streetcar from Hiroshima Station to Hiroden Miyajima-guchi. Then took the ferry to Miyajima Island. 

JR train from Hiroshima Station will be around 30 minutes to Miyajima-guchi (JPY410 one way). While the tramway took about 70 minutes from Hiroshima Station to Miyajima-guchi. 

We bought a 1 day streetcar and ferry pass for JPY840 per adult. You may check the detail information in this link. The ticket was bought at the ticket counter located at the Hiroshima Electric Railway Station, which is located just outside the JR Hiroshima station.

We left Hiroshima Station early, around 7.30 am.

Inside the tramway (streetcar) of Hiroshima

The streetcar station at Miyajima-guchi
At the ferry station, we took the non JR ferry

The ferry trip is quiet frequent, without having to wait long, the ferry to Miyajima Island was ready. We showed our 1 day streetcar and ferry pass to the staff sitting at ferry ticket counter, and board the ferry.

It was raining that morning, I choose to sit inside. Whilst mr.husband stayed outside for the opportunity to take picture of the Great Torri from the ferry.

Let's board the ferry
The iconic floating Torii Gate from afar

The Great Torii of Miyajima Island

Arrival at Miyajima Island, we were welcomed by the deer just outside the ferry terminal. I knew from the start that I would love Miyajima Island. The surrounding was so peaceful, and arriving in the morning, the place was so quiet :)

First thing we did, was heading to the Great Torii and took many pictures of it. Yes, under the rain, with my purple umbrella:D

Itsukushima Shrine

And we found the famous floating shrine on the water which is called Itsukushima Shrine. We did not get in, the rain made us changing the plan from getting to the shrine to having a hot café latte from Miyajima Itsuki Coffee

A descent coffeeshop in the island and should be in everyone's itinerary when visiting Miyajima Island. Ooh there's also Starbucks at Miyajima Island. But I choose local coffee over Starbucks.

My hot café latte for the rainy morning
The floating shrine

The Great Torii and the shrine

The Old Town of Miyajima

The town is so beautiful, there are may cafes and shops around. How I wish I could spend a night at one of the lodge available in Miyajima Island.

Tahoto Pagoda

Tahoto means two-storied Pagoda. We found this Pagoda when we were walking in the city center. We saw a sign to the Tahoto Pagoda, so we followed it under the rain. With a bit of hiking, we could reach the Tahoto Pagoda.

This pagoda was built in 1523, and become one of the famous spot to take picture in the cherry blossom season.

Let's take the stairs
No sakura, just leaves (:

Daisho-in Temple

From The Pagoda, we walked further up to the hills to the base of mount Misen. Actually we didn't know what to expect, we just followed the sign which lead us from the pagoda. But the path leads us to one beautiful temple called Daisho-in.

The greenery around the entrance to the temple, made this temple very peaceful.

The gate to Daisho-in temple
The view from the entrance of Daisho-in

Walking up the temple steps, we could find row of spinning metal wheel which has sutra (Buddhist scripture) on it. By turning the metal as you go up or go down the stairs, it is said that you will get the blessing as written on each of the metal wheel.

Look at those spinning metals
The view from Daisho-in temple

Where To Have Lunch: Otera Café Miyajima (Rokkaku-sabo)

We had our early lunch at Otera Café, which is located at the base of Daisho-in temple. It is a very nice café, with great food, awesome ambience and very friendly owner, who speaks really good English.

Do not miss to visit Otera Café when visiting Miyajima Island. You can have tea and many kind of sweet at this café. 

The entrance to Otera Cafe
A place to relax: Otera Cafe

Do Not Forget To Eat Momiji Manju

This is another thing that listed on our "things to do in Miyajima Island", yes eating the famous Momiji Manju.

We found one seller along our way back from Miyajima Island to the ferry terminal. Eat them while they are hot, you will love these cakes :)

Time To Say Goodbye to Miyajima and The Deers

It was finally the time to go back to Hiroshima. There are many places that we would love to do in Hiroshima, so having a day to visit Miyajima Island and Hiroshima was definitely not enough.

I wave goodbye to the deer, and hope to be back to Miyajima anytime soon.

Written on July 3, 2018
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  1. I looooovvvveeeee Miyajima

    1. Iya Astrid, aku pun sukaaa banget :)

  2. lovely place, kayaknya kalau ke jepang lagi harus eksplor kesini juga

    1. Yup, dan kayanya harus nginep aja deh disini hehe..

  3. Mba Tesya, mau tanya dong. Bisa nggak ya ke Hiroshima dan Miyajima kemudian sebelum maghrib sudah balik ke Osaka? Rencana mau pakai JR Pass juga sih. Tapi aku bawa precil satu. xD xD

    1. Hai Mba, cukup banget untuk ke Hiroshima dan Miyajima lalu kembali ke Osaka. Ambil Shinkansen yang pagi aja dari Osaka nya ya.