One Day in Kobe: Strolling Around The Europian Style of Kobe Called Kitano to The Port of Kobe

This was our second time visiting Kobe, a city which is easily reached by train from Osaka. The first time we went to Kobe was only to eat the famous and expensive Kobe Beef. But the second time, we had one day until dark to spend at this beautiful city.

As we didn't have JR Pass, we went to Kobe by the limited express train on the Hankyu Kobe Line. It took us only 25 minutes from Umeda Station to Kobe-Sannomiya Station, and cost JPY320/adult. Hankyu Umeda station is located next to JR Osaka Station.

It was our first time ever to visit Hankyu Umeda Station, and we were amazed of the station. It is connected to a shopping mall, and once we entered the station, the atmosphere was totally different.

The train was already waiting for us

As soon as we arrived at Kobe Sannomiya Station, we stored our luggage at the station, and the first thing we saw was a long queue at Oven Lab. We also joined the queue and I have to say that their cheesecake was really great!

You should try this cheesecake

After a piece of cheesecake, we walked to Steakland for our late lunch. And as always, Kobe Beef is always the special meal of the whole journey. We came around 3 pm, and there was no queue at Steakland. But the menu is at normal price, we couldn't get their steak lunch promo at the time of our late lunch.

We paid around JPY5,000 for our lunch, ouch!

We walked from Steakland to Kobe Mosque and found the Starbucks which has the "Neighborhood and Coffee" concept (the atmosphere is more relaxing & comforting). We didn't get inside as we were still full and planned to visit one local coffeeshops after our prayer at Kobe Mosque.

From what I read, there's only 9 Starbucks in Japan having that concept. The interior is different, the coffee maker is better (and of course the coffee is pricier), and even it has a balcony, where you can sit with your dog inside.

Starbucks at Nakayamate Dori

We walked another 10 minutes, and finally reached the Kobe Mosque. The road we passed was really enjoyable for walking, all the way from the station to the mosque.

If you don't feel like walking, you can take the bus named "Kobe City Loop" which you may go to their website for more information. In total we walked about 20 minutes to the mosque.

What a beautiful mosque of Kobe
We went inside via the door at the back of the mosque
The room for male prayer

The surrounding of the mosque is quite interesting especially for moslem travellers, as you can find halal shops and restaurant. I only went inside the Kobe Halal food, and met two Indonesians who were working at the shop.

The grocery shop
A halal Indian restaurant
I bought some instant halal ramen inside this shop

Of course coffeeshops hunting was also one of our objective that day. And there's a famous coffee roastery called Beyond Coffee Roasters which is located just few meters away from the Kobe Halal Food Shop.

Make sure you visit Beyond Coffee if you are planning to do your prayer at Kobe Mosque. Their coffee is really special:) And ensure you meet the owner, who had grown mustache looks like the logo of Beyond Coffee Roasters. So cute! (I mean, the mustache hehe).

In front of Beyond Coffee Roasters

Another coffeeshop we would like to visit in Kobe is the Starbucks concept store, which is located in a heritage building. But beforehand, we walked through the alleys in Kitano and we fell in love with this beautiful area.

The hilly area of Kitano
Very narrow alley
An Italian restaurant in Kitano
You can buy chocolate gift here
In front of Rokko Farm Café

And finally The Starbucks Kobe Kitano Ijinkan, I will write a separate review of this Starbucks later on tesyasblog.

Starbucks in a beautiful heritage building

It was time to go to Port of Kobe as it was getting dark, and we would love to see the port with all the lights on. So we walked to the city town from Kitano area, and found the shopping area in Kobe.

The Chinatown of Kobe
The upscale shopping area of Kobe: Daimaru
Another shopping area of Motomachi

Maybe it took us in total around 30 minutes to walk from Starbucks in Kitano area to Kobe Port. We walked really slow enjoying the night at Kobe, with many stops to take picture. But the night walk was well worth it. The Kobe Port was so beautiful. It's a big open space area with fountain, and Starbucks at the Meriken Park.

The night at Kobe
Kobe Tower
The Starbucks at Meriken Park

Let's call it a day, later that night, we took the overnight bus from Kobe to Hiroshima. Thank you Kobe for the beautiful memory :)

Getting ready to Hiroshima

Written on October 20, 2018
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