Trekking in Mount Hiei, Followed By Taking The Eizan Ropeway And Cable Car

After our visit to Enryakuji Temple, we continued our journey to go back to Kyoto. From our research, we had to take the Eizan Ropeway and Eizan Cable Car. But to get to the ropeway station, we had to walk through the forest of Mount Hiei.

We left the Enryakuji Temple complex after our visit to the training hall which is called Hokke So Ji-in. The first sign we saw was this, stating that we needed to walk 1.4 km to the Eizan Cable Car Station. Ok, let's start the trekking :)

Don't worry you can read the English part of the sign

To give you the whole picture of our route, please refer to this map:

Source: Keihan website

1. We took Sakamoto Cable Car (the middle right side on the above map) which you may read in this link.

2. We visited Enryakuji Temple Complex, read the story here.

3. We did the trekking from Enryakuji to Eizan Ropeway Station, followed by taking the ropeway and cable car to Yase Hieizanguchi (which you will read the story in this post.

Trekking in Mount Hiei

The weather was perfect, it was not hot despite that it was already summer in Japan (we visited in the second week of June). The trekking trail was beautiful, with so many huge trees. The view to Lake Biwa at some viewpoint is the bonus of this walk.

Along the way, we didn't meet any animals and only met one Japanese gentleman who was enjoying the nature beauty.

It was a pleasant trekking in Mount Hiei, I think it is also doable to do the trekking with your kids. They will also love the ropeway and cable car experience.

The path from Enryakuji to the trekking in Mount Hiei
Let's get staeted :)
We met this gentleman along the way
In the middle of the forest
Watch out your step
Ooh another stairs..
I love the greeneries at Mount Hiei

We saw another sign at one crossroad, and we were glad that it was only few kilometers left. Not far from the sign, we reached the street, but we found no vehicles passing the street. 

End of the forest
Another 0.4 km to go

After 30 minutes, we arrived at the Garden Museum of Mount Hiei. Because we wanted to go to Kibune after our visit to Mount Hiei, we skipped the Garden Museum. You can take a look of the place through this link.

The entrance to Garden Museum

Eizan Ropeway

Not far from the Garden Museum, finally we saw the Eizan Ropeway station. There were one old couple at the station, and we still had few minutes before the ropeway took off.

So we went to the backyard of the museum and enjoying the view from the  top to Lake Biwa.

We bought the ticket via the vending machine, one way ticket per adult was JPY310, and half price for kids. Icoca and any other card is not valid, so we paid by cash.

The Eizan Ropeway Station
Inside the station
Collecting the stamp at the station
The view to Lake Biwa
Buying the tickets

With another couple, we got into the Eizan Ropeway and enjoying the view of Lake Biwa. From the sticker attached to the window, we knew that the name of our route was: Hieizian Biwako Panoramic view.

The ride was only about 15 minutes until we reach the Eizan Cable Car Station.

The panoramic route
The Eizan Ropeway was ready
We'd like to grow old like this couple :)

Eizan Cable Car

We bought the ticket JPY540 per person at the station and went directly to the train as it was ready to go. The Eizan Cable Car was so pretty from the outside and has purple seats inside :)

Getting to the Eizan Cable Car
Looking down the hill
The seats

Eizan Cable Car is known as the steepest ride in Japan. And we had proved it, the track was so steep down the hill. We met other car which was going up, the view was scenic along the way.

Looking down the hill
I wonder how beautiful it will be in autumn
Look at the track when other car is approaching

The ride was around 15 minutes until we arrived at Yase Hiezanguchi. The station is beutiful with so many trees around, sure we have to try another time in autumn to enjoy the beautiful yellow and red leaves.

From the Eizan Cable Car Station, we walked to the train station and continued our journey to Kibune area with Eizan Electric Train.

Yase Hiezanguchi, the cable car station
Walking to the train station

It was an exciting journey the whole day for me and mr.husband as we got to take different kind of public transportation mode. It was so serene in all areas that we passed, only few people around the air was so fresh.

A perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle in Kyoto. 

Written on October 12, 2018
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