Daytrip From Kyoto Part 1: Going to Mount Hiei - Enryakuji Temple, Using Sakamoto Cable Car

Visiting Kyoto in early summer time, made us think that it was a great idea to put a little bit of hiking also in our itinerary. Mr.husband proposed to do a trekking to Mount Hiei, and to visit the Enryakuji Temple.

I have never heard of Enryakuji temple before, but when I saw the place on the internet, I know that I would fall in love with this kind of serene temple with less crowd.

We decided to go to Mount Hiei from Kyoto using the Sakamoto cable car and our daytrip will be continued from Mount Hiei to Kibune, to try the Nagashi Somen. Our route was perfect as it will be ended at Eizan Line, the line which we should take to go to Kibune Station. But of course you can do it on the other way, starting from Eizan Line to Sakamoto Cable Car.

The Sakamoto Cable Car is in red color

We started early in the morning taking subway from Gion-shijo station, as we were staying at Grids Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi.  From Gion-shijo station we took the train to Sakamoto-hieizanguchi Station.  

It was a cloudy morning in Kyoto

We reached the Sakamoto hieizanguchi station in about 50 minutes. We shared the train that morning with the students. 

Waiting for the train with these Japanese students
The Keihan Railway - Sakamoto Hieizanguchi Station

When we exit from the station, we saw the sign going to Sakamoto Cable Car. It was still 1.2 km to go, thanks to the gloomy weather that day.

Let's just follow the sign

The walk was pleasant, we seldom saw cars on the street. And I had been asking myself what if I live in this kind of area. Aaah, it was so peaceful :)

Imagine living in this village
Fell in love with the greeneries

After a 20 minutes of walking, we reached the Sakamoto Cable Car Station. We were in time, and was escorted by the station staff to get on the cable car. Mr.husband bought two one way ticket (because we are going down with Eizan Line). The ticket was JPY 820 per person.

Approaching the station
The Sakamoto Cable Car Station
Buying the ticket from the machine

The Sakamoto Cable Car is the longest cable car ride in Japan (2,025 m), it connects Cable Sakamoto Station to Cable Enryakuji Station.

Not only it looks beautiful from the outside, it also gives magnificent view to Lake Biwa along the trip.

The cable car was ready to disembark
Another cable car was approaching

We only shared the whole cable car with other couple who we taught were Japanese. But we didn't have the chance to ask, we were busy looking down to Lake Biwa.

The pinky seats
The ticket is also beautifully printed
Meeting another cable car
The beauty of Lake Biwa

When we arrived at Cable Car Enryakuji Station, we took pictures near the station and we were the only couple around. The other couple walked to the temple right away when we reached the station.

The air was so fresh and cold, and the view to Lake Biwa was so beautiful. Because there will be too many pictures if I write in one post, I stop here. And I will continue this story by our visit to the Enryakuji Temple.

The viewpoint from Cable Car Enryakuji Station
The view from the station
Let's continue the journey to the temple

Written on October 6, 2018
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