Coffee Trip in Hiroshima: Obscura Coffee Roasters, The Bluebird Coffee and Itsuki Coffee in Miyajima Isand

Japan is the place to visit coffeeshops. The beans might be brought from Indonesia, Ethiopia or else where, but the interior and exterior of the coffeeshops are so lovely.

It was our first visit to Hiroshima with two big plans which of course to experience the Miyajima Island and to see the Atomic Bomb memorial places. But apart from the two big plans, I made a list of recommended coffeeshops in Hiroshima.

We ended up visiting three coffeeshops in a day; the first one was Itsuki Coffee in Miyajima island, then after a half day trip to Miyajima, we walked from the ferry terminal to The Bluebird Coffee. Later on that day, at the heart of Hiroshima, we choose to visit the Obscura Coffee Roaster.

The second one was our favorite because the coffeeshop had a bunk bed! Never seen a bunk bed before in any coffeshop I had visited:p

We can drink our coffee on the bunk bed as well :)

Itsuki Coffee Miyajima

Located at the center of Miyajima, this Itsuki Coffee is hard to be missed. It stands out among the souvenir shops nearby. 

Look at those machines :)
She was making my latte
The sugar and the creamer

I only ordered one hot cup of cafe latte, and the barista told me, "You have to order one cup per person if you'd like to sit inside". And I was like, what? Hahaha.. ok culture shock!

So we choose to had it taken away and drink around the famous shrine.

It was a good cup of cafe latte

No matter how the barista treated me (I guess it was their rule that I have to respect), I recommend you to visit this coffeeshop while in Miyajima Island.

There are lots of cafes along the old town, but the real local coffeshop we found was Itsuki Coffee. Well, there's also Starbucks in Miyajima, but who would choose Starbucks when you could find a local coffeeshop. Especially a good local coffeeshop.

The Bluebird Coffee

I wanted to visit the Bluebird Coffee after reading one blog saying how cozy this place is with lots of book. It was still close when we arrived at Miyajimaguchi Tram station, so we went to Miyajima Island first.

From the ferry station, it was about 5 mins walk to The Bluebird Cafe. It is located just across the Miyajimaguchi JR Station.

The entrance to Bluebird Coffee
It is a two stories building

I ordered Matcha Latte while mr.husband ordered Ice Latte. The Matcha Latte was "too matcha" for me, but it was good after I got used to it. How about the coffee? It was awesome!

I loved these glasses!
Our morning view

We were the only customers that morning, we sat on the second floor and fell in love with this place. It is so homey :)

Look at those books!
Could you spot the bunk bed?

The Obscura Coffee Roaster Hiroshima

To end up the day, we freshened up ourselves at Obscura Coffee Roaster after we had the famous okonomiyaki in the Hiroshima's city center.

It is an upscale place, we experienced the "royal feel" when sitting inside the coffeeshop hahaha. But don't worry, the price is the same with other local Japanese coffeeshops.

With the barista, in front of Obscura Coffee Roaster Hiroshima

I ordered Affogato and mr.husband ordered a glass of Cold Brew. We asked permission to charge our handphone (by the way, always ask permission first when you are in Japan, because sometime they won't let you), and sit inside the coffee watching people through the huge window.

Ohh I love Affogato!
Our drinks
The fresh cold brew

One day full of coffeeshops, many we missed from the list, but we hope there will be another chance to visit Hiroshima and Miyajima island. 

Written on September 11, 2018
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  1. oooo langsung nohok suruh beli lagi biar bisa duduk dalam cafee. bener kita harus tetap respek.


    1. Hahaha iya indeed, very expensive, yet selalu ngangenin ya :)