Coffee Trip in Osaka: Lilo Coffee Roasters, Millpour and Lappland Coffee Stand

When I was preparing our itinerary for the Japan Kansai trip, I had been searching for coffeeshops in Osaka, especially which is located at the heart of the city. We had visited Mel Coffee Roasters before, and wanted to visit some other coffeeshops.

The search led me to a cute coffeeshops called Lilo Coffee Roasters. This place is located at the heart of Shinsaibashi, so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee in between your shopping. Not too mention, the coffee came in a very cute cup too!

Super cute cup for my collection :)

We parked our bike in front of Lilo Coffee Roasters, and went inside a small coffeeshop which was very crowded. There's only a few seating, most people had their cups taken away.

The place is located in a small but very busy lane. It was hard even to take your picture in front of the coffeeshop because of the bikes:D

I ordered one cup of Coffee Latte and I must say that the coffee was so good! This is a must visit cofeeshop especially when you plan to visit Shinsaibashi.

Lilo between all the shops
The busy coffeeshop
They also sell merchandise

The next day, we also visited another coffeeshop located at Shinsaibashi which is Millpour Coffee. It's actually a coffeestand with a seating area at the front. The location is near to my fave Anello flagship store in Shinsaibashi :)

A gorgeous coffeestand

To beat the heat, we ordered Ice Cold Brew and the Affogatto, oh look at the ice cream, so generous! 

The ice cold brew

While we were there, people were coming and go to grab their Sunday morning coffee. Despite of the small coffee stand, but Millpour provides real good coffee.

Small coffee stand but very cute

The last coffee shop we visited at Osaka was Lappland Coffee Stand. We found the place on the way from Shinsaibashi to Kuromon Fish Market. When I saw this cute coffee stand which is located adjacent to a shop store, I asked mr.husband to park our bike for a while.

Lappland Coffeestand Osaka
My bike in front of Lappland

Everything about Lappland was so kawaii, that includes the cup holder and also the barista who made me a cup of hot coffee latte.

The lovely lady behind Lappland Coffee

There are still so many coffeeshops to be visited in Osaka, and we will save the list for our next visit. It is always enjoyable to visit coffeeshops in Japan, the place is nice, the baristas are friendly and the coffee is perfect!

Written on September 05, 2018
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