Korea Trip with @tripirit Day 2: Autumn in Nami Island

It has been on my bucketlist for years to visit Nami Island during autumn. I love to see huge and beautiful trees, especially with red, yellow and orange leaves. Most of the time when I travel, I could stop a while and stare on beautiful trees without knowing the name of the trees:D

Frankly speaking, for me Nami Island was the highlight of our 4D3N Mommies Day Out Trip  to Korea with @tripirit. I also found a beautiful coffeeshop covered by yellow leaves. How cool is that!

How did we go to Nami Island? We took a private bus for the 37 of us, we left our hostel at 7 am, and fall in a deep sleep on the bus. All I knew, it was freezing cold when we reach at Gapyeong Wharf around 08.30 am. I just couldn't imagine how cold it will be during winter.

Mayang, in front of the ferry to Nami Island

Buying The Ticket to Nami Island

While we ran to the nearest toilet from where our bus parked, Vivie and Cicha from @tripirit bought the entrance ticket to Nami Island, which includes the ferry ticket. The general ticket cost each person 13,000 won.
The ticket booth 
Buying the tickets for the whole group

Waiting for the group to be ready, I observe the area and surprised that Nami Island is treated as a country, which is called Naminara Republic. I further google its website, and found out that: The naminara Republic has declared its independence from the Republic of Korea. It has its own diplomatic and cultural policies. 

Later inside Nami Island we found an inscription which showed the declaration of Naminara Republic Independence. I don't read Koreans of course, the information about this inscription I got from Naminara Republic's website.

This inscription is located near the entrance to Nami Island

Around the ticket booth, you may find a tourist information center, cafes and souvenirs shop. It is indeed a touristy area, but playing tourist once in a while won't hurt:p

The Information Center is just opposite the ticket booth
It felt like winter

Ferry to Nami Island

Then it was time for all of us entering Nami Island, there was no immigration clearance or whatsoever, the staff at the gate only checked whether we had a ticket.

So ready to get in
On our way to ferry
They even have "Selamat Datang sign" for Indonesian guests:)

The ferry departs frequently; from 09.00 am onwards, the ferry schedule is every 10-20 minutes, whilst early in the morning before 09.00 am it departs every 30 minutes. 

It was only a 10 minutes ride from Gapyeong Wharf to Nami Island, and the view from the ferry was so calming.

By the way, the most cool and fastest way to get to Nami Island is by riding a zip wire. It cost 44,000 won per person, and took only 1 minute and 60 seconds to the island! Wow... I knew this will be a selling point for me to take mr.husband and our Kiddos to Seoul someday. Up to now, they still say NO to my Seoul holiday plan:D

Our "visa" to Nami Island
Abiyan in front of the ferry to Nami Island
View from our ferry, this beautiful picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi
Padmi and family inside the ferry, 
picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi

Arrival at Nami Island

We finally arrived at Nami Island, it was still very early and gloomy in the morning. Before the whole group separated, we decided to take a group picture.

Our ferry was about to arrive at Nami Island ferry terminal
The gate to Nami Island
Autumn activities in Nami Island were informed in this cute sign 
Korea Trip with @tripirit, autumn 2018, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi

But First Cofee at Naru Coffee
Before exploring Nami Island, I stumbled on a coffeeshop located just few steps from the ferry terminal. It was covered by yellow leaves, so gorgeous! 

The coffeeshop is called Naru Cafe, it is only a small coffeeshop at a corner with seating area outside.

"Hello Stage" at Naru Cafe
Naru Cafe early in the morning

I only took pictures of the coffeeshop in the morning, and came back after taking picture session at Nami Island. I ordered a hot cafe latte for 5,500 won. They also provide non coffee beverages such as sweet potato latte and Nami Island blended green tea. I loved my coffee, it was strong just what I needed.

A cute wooden coffee
What a beautiful setting
My cafe latte 

Taking Picture Session at Nami Island

Our big group was divided into two, one group going inside the Nami Island area and the other one walked along the Han River. I choose to follow Cicha and Vivi from @tripirit and we walked into the island.

There are so many beautiful spots to take picture, started with red leaves to the orange one. We stopped every time we saw beautiful spot and had to take turn with other tourists as well.

@dewicielodanish and @darma.dsm, my fave couple:D
Three colors of leaves: red, yellow and green
The trees were so sexy
Art Gallery at Nami Island
From the ground to the trees, they were amazing
My favorite alley at Nami Island

And when we walked back to the ferry terminal, the path just next to the river has also many beautiful trees. We came not at the peak of autumn, but Nami Island was so pretty! All my pictures were taken by Samsung S9+ only and I am happy with the result :)

Looks like in New Zealand?:p
The sunshine finally came approaching midday
I know I will be back someday to have another autumn in Nami Island :)

Our friend Om Lukman who has been our favorite photographer throughout the trip, took pictures of all of us at the island, and let me share you some in this post. Thank you so much Om Lukman (IG:@lukmanhakimsudjadi). 

@princeessal at Nami Island, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi
@ama_leeya and family, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi
Fafa and Abel, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi

Lunch Around Gapyeong Wharf

At 12 pm, we went back to Gapyeong Wharf to have our lunch. Everyone enjoyed Korea BBQ, and I enjoyed the potato pancake. Hahaha, but I enjoyed watching everyone enjoying the lunch.

The lunch set cost 12.000 won per person and half of the price for the kids.

My lunch, after my teeth surgery:D

~To be continued~

Our trip was organized by @tripirit, check their Instagram to customize your trip or to join their open trip. All of the participants were covered by travel insurance sponsored by Howden Indonesia.

written on November 24, 2018

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