Korea Trip with @tripirit Day 2: Visiting Namsangol Hanok Village And Shopping at Myeong Dong

This post is still on the same day: Day 2 of our Korea trip, after a half day well spent at the gorgeous Nami island. After our heavy lunch, we took a nap in the bus and woke up when we were already in Seoul.

We arrived around 2 pm at Namsangol Hanok Village, where Korean traditional houses have been restored to preserve the original atmosphere of the area. The location of the village was originally a resort called Jeonghakdong (the land of fairies). The area and its scenery is really impressive that I understand why it was called "the land of fairies".

This beautiful place is surrounded by skyscrapers of Seoul

Namsangol Hanok Village

We entered the area through its main gate, which is a lovely wooden gate. Of course other group and our group take turn to take pictures at the gate.

The main gate and Seoul tower from afar
Every detail is really beautiful
Our group, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi

The view from the gate to the city made me realize how peaceful it was inside the area. It felt like escaping from the bustling city life to a different world.

Modern buildings located just next to the main gate
Traditional and modern life collide

I also noticed stamps collection next to the gate, just like when we visited temples in Japan. Too bad I left my note book in the hotel (:

Don't forget to bring book when visiting this village to collect stamps

Inside the gate, there was an open space area with Seoul Tower as a background. There's also a beautiful park at the backyard of the village. I loved spending my afternoon in a beautiful place like this.

What a peaceful place :)
Mba Leeya @ama_leeya and family at the beautiful park, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi

Entering the village, we followed the map to the area. There are 5 remodeled hanok houses from Joseon Dynasty inside, a pavilion and a plaza inside the complex.

The map of the area
Let's go inside
The center area of Hanok Village
One of the pavilion with the lovely tree

I took a closer look to the houses, it was clean and minimalist, giving us the opportunity to understand how they live inside the house in the old days. The lanes between the pavilion is also a beautiful photo spot.

The ladies, picture was taken by @lukmanhakimsudjadi
The Soresi
The kitchen from the old days
The house which is open for public

A Coffeeshop Inside Namsangok Hanok Village

To my surprise, there's a coffeeshop in the heart of the village, located inside a heritage building. The sign was clear upon entering the village.

But first coffee

After visiting some of pavilion, I made a visit to the coffeeshop. It was a lovely coffeeshop with lovely furnitures as well. The staffs were preparing lemon drink when I got in. So instead of the smell of the coffee, I smelled lemon. And that was why I decided not to try the coffee.

All was written in Korean:D
A beautiful coffeeshop indeed
An outside seating

Surrounding Area Of Namsangol Hanok Village

I walked to the left when exiting the main gate and found a peaceful area which is also the Pil-dong Art & Culture Street Yesul Tong. And at the end of the street, I found a small coffeeshop, which is too bad no one was inside although it was open. 

The path to Yesul Tong

Café Elim

So I walked back to the gate of Namsangol Hanok Village and had my afternoon coffee at Let Me Coffee. The coffee was good, but they don't sell beans.

An istagrammable coffeeshop from the outside
The café latte I ordered was 3,500 won
Inside the coffeeshop

Other than Let Me Coffee, there are some coffee shops around Namsangol Hanok Village. I was confused which one to choose, but glad that I choose Let Me Coffee.

The Hollys Coffee was just around the corner

After a whole afternoon spent at Namsangol Hanok Village, we went back to the bus waiting area, and it was time for us to shop at Myeong Dong, yeay!

Getting into the bus
Found a manhole when walking down to the bus
The walkaway of Seoul city

Our First Shopping Night at Myeong Dong

Myeong Dong was really crowded that night, it was even hard to walk on the street. We visited some skincare shops to buy sheet mask, a lot of them. Also visited Laneige and Busan Jib, where we enjoy halal meals in Myeongdong.

Around 9 pm, we gathered in front of Uniqlo and went back to our hostel using the subway.

Actually you may find everything in Myeongdong
The ABC Mart is also here surrounded by all the skin care shops
In front of the shops, there are souvenirs and other stuff stall as well
Mas Darma @darma.dsm in front of Busan Jib

The perfect hot chicken for that cold night
The price range is between 10,000-15,000 won

Continued by Midnight Shopping at Dongdaemun

Dongdaeumun is famous for its midnight shopping, so after storing our shopping bags from Myeongdong, we were on the street once more to do another shopping. This time in Dongdaemun area:D

You could shop until about 3 am here, some of the shopping malls recommended are: Migliore, hello apM and Doota (Doosan Tower). I bought clothes at hello apM and went to Migliore the 6th floor for souvenirs hunting.

At this point, I must say that Seoul however is a perfect destionation for Mommies, especially those who love to shop :)

Skin care shops also available in Dongdaemun
Souvenir shop at Migliore shopping mall
Are yo a fan of Kang Daniel?:D

~to be continued~

Our trip was organized by @tripirit, check their Instagram to customize your trip or to join their open trip. All of the participants were covered by travel insurance sponsored by Howden Indonesia.

written on December 9, 2018

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