Where To Stay in Seoul: Review of K-Guesthouse Premium Dongdaemun

If you are wondering where to stay in Seoul, most of you maybe thinking of staying in the center of the shopping area which is Myeongdong. But for this Korea trip, our trip organizer @tripirit has arranged a hotel located in Dongdaemun area.

Why Dongdaemun? Because the shops at the area closed around 3 pm, some of them opens 24 hours.  Who would go shopping at midnight? Well, beside our group of course, there were lots of people doing some midnight shopping. Lots of them! Although it was 1 am, the shopping malls were still busy.

Our hotel is called K-Guesthouse Premium, located 10 minutes away from the shopping area. It is a small hotel but cater our need: clean room and bathroom, free breakfast, kitchen with microwave, aircon in the room is working properly and could set as a warmer, and there's iron at the lobby area. So I could iron my scarf every single morning :D

The entrance to the hotel, a mini market is just next to the entrance

The Lobby Area

Located on the 3rd floor, the lobby area has it all: reception desk, dining room, kitchen and a corner where you can use the computers. Weight scale is also available as they know everyone comes for shopping to Seoul.

The reception desk

The dining area
Preparing breakfast in the kitchen

There's only one elevator available in the hotel, on our first night where 37 people of our group had to go to the 3rd floor to check in, we had to queue to take the lift.

Waiting for the lift

The Room

Only got one picture of the room, but I hope it shows how clean it was. Our room was a triple room, it was really compact to put our large suitcases. However three of us succeeded packing inside the room.

It has also a view to the street, it was nice to see a part of Seoul with the lights on from the window of our room.

Our triple room

Free Breakfast

The hotel is generous when it comes to the free breakfast. Cereal, noodle cup, bread and jam, milk and also orange were provided. The problem was about the timing. Breakfast served at 8 am, whilst the two mornings when we were there, we had to go very early and missed the free breakfast.

Korean cup noodle
Milk and orange
Bread, jam and the iron I used every single morning:D

The Coffeeshops Next To The Hotel

If you are a fan of Korea drama, you may know about the famous Korean coffeeshop chain which is A Twosome Place. Staying at K Guesthouse Premium Dongdaemun, you are steps away from Twosome Place.

Too bad it was still close (:
The pathway from Twosome Place to the hotel

There's also a cute coffeeshop called The Piola Flower and Coffee which combine classes to arrange flowers and the coffee. The place is so lovely, but too bad it was still close in the morning.

This cafe is just next to the hotel

By the way, the leaves in front of Piola Flower and Coffee was real, as there were lovely yellow trees in front of our hotel.

Autumn in Seoul is just so lovely
We were ready to explore Seoul that morning

The Shopping Area Around The Hotel

If you are walking in the direction of the Dongdaemun station, you will find some shopping malls nearby. The Lotte Fitin, hello apM and Migliore are shops we visited. And this cute panda in front of Lotte Fitin is not to be missed.

The panda with the lights on
The midnight shopping people
The mommies were ready to shop at midnight:D

Overall it was a nice stay at K-Guesthouse Premium Dongdaemun, if I go back to Seoul again I would not hesitate to stay at the same place.

There were also other hotels nearby like Ibis Budget Hotel and Toyoko Inn Seoul Dongdaemun. The later is really close to the bus stop of airport bus.

~to be continued~

Our trip was organized by @tripirit, check their Instagram to customize your trip or to join their open trip. All of the participants were covered by travel insurance sponsored by Howden Indonesia.

written on December 18, 2018

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  1. jd pengen kesana (lagi).....

  2. Jam breakfast nya siang banget ya mbak. Apa emang orang sana biasa sarapan mulai jam 8?

    1. Hehe iya nih ga tau kenapa siang betul, jadi kita lewat deh dua hari hehe..