Last Day in Seoul: Area of Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeong Dong For The Second Round and Itaewon

This is going to be my last post about our Mommies Day Out Trip plus plus arranged by @tripirit. The last day was another packed day, our schedule was: Gyeongbokgung, area of Bukchon Hanok Village, and free time where we were dropped off at Myeong Dong. The post about Gyeongbokgung could be read here, and I just want to share what happened next after we took off our Hanbok. 

We took subway and went to the area near Bukchon Hanok Village. We didn't go to the Bukchon Hanok Village as it was closed. Still, the place is amazing with beautiful golden leaves trees.

From where we started, 
this area made me fall in love with its beauty

The Surrounding Area of Bukchon Hanok Village

This area is my fave especially when you are enjoying autumn in Seoul. There were many cafes and coffee shops, the trees were so beautiful, and some of the shops are made of wood. It reminds me of one of my fave city in the world, Kyoto.

We wanted to have lunch, but the place were so crowded. So we ended up snacking and enjoying the area. I took pictures of the café and coffeeshops, and wish that someday I could go back to this place and visit each of the coffeeshop :)

What a beautiful street and shops
One of the Espresso Bar I found
Dutch & Bean Coffee
Inside the Coffee And Bean
Café Smile at Bukchon
And yes I have to go back to visit the Bukchon Hanok 

Shopping at Myeong Dong Once More

Then all of us took bus number 151 to Myeong Dong. The 37 of our group could fit in the bus, although we had to stand all the way to Myeong Dong. Seoul traffic was really bad, just the same as Jakarta (:

We alight at Myeong Dong and everyone was given the free time. I went with my friends Elly, Mba Dewi and her husband to explore Myeong Dong. We had enough shopping at our first visit (read the story here), and the second time we wanted to take pictures and just to stroll the shopping streets.

Bus 151 to Myeong Dong

And of course took lots of pictures of the food street. I couldn't eat after my teeth surgery, so I save it later through the pictures for the next visit:D 

By the way, if you ask me whether you could find halal food street at Myeong Dong, actually many of the stalls had this "Halal" label. But somehow I read on google about this fake halal label at Myeong Dong. I don't know if the news is true, but for my moslem friends, just be careful. Don't eat if you are in doubt. 

Wow, this is big :)
Hand made croquette with cheese, the picture looks so yummy
Look at those strawberries

Although we had finished our shopping, still we went to some cosmetic shops, and souvenir stalls along the street. And this time I succeeded taking picture with the giant line doll.

For me, Myeong Dong is best to be visited just before sunset. It is still not that crowded compared to the evening time (meaning less queue for the line doll), and you'll get light to take the pictures.

With the Line Brown
My fave sheet mask is from Tony Moly
Discount is everywhere at Myeong Dong
The crowd at Myeong Dong
You can find almost everything at Myeong Dong
Seoul Tower as the background

Visiting Itaewon For Our Maghrib Prayer and Halal Food

Four of us wanted to see how the Seoul Central Mosque and also to experience the moslem life in Seoul. We took subway from Myeong Dong to Itaewon. It was easy, we just used the google map.

When we got there, I was amazed by what I saw. All of those halal food restaurants from Turkey, India, Egypt and even from Usmania do exist in Seoul! We ended up eating at Muree, and the food was delish. At least I could eat the ramyun noodle.

Anyone looking for halal Indian food in Seoul?
Or you can find also Melayu food
On this street, you'll find all halal restaurant from around the world
Glad that we choose this restaurant

The road to the mosque was a steep one, and at the first sight, we only saw the gate. We had to pass another steep road and finally we arrived at the mosque.

Despite that woman could not go using the main entrance, and that the prayer area is located at the rooftop floor, we were happy to be able  to visit the mosque in Seoul.

The blue gate
The entrance for woman is at the left side 
of the main entrance

This post end my post series on Korea, thank you everyone for reading, and I will continue the story next time, if I have a chance to visit Korea again.

Will there be a next time? Hmm, I must say I really enjoy autumn in Korea. So I hope there will be another post series about enjoying autumn in Korea :)


Our trip was organized by @tripirit, check their Instagram to customize your trip or to join their open trip. All of the participants were covered by travel insurance sponsored by Howden Indonesia.

written on January 25, 2019

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