Weekend Getaway to Hong Kong: Where To Stay and What To Do In Hong Kong In Two Days

Hong Kong is one of my favorite destination for its vibrant life, halal dim sum and of course: no visa requirement. I visited Hong Kong with my family, double date with BuDin @diniros or only with Mr.husband. But this time was different, I went with my friends (mostly my office mates), a group of 9 people. 

I wasn't sure about taking a group and explore Hong Kong as a backpacker. But there always be the first time for everything, and that includes being a tour leader for my friends in Hong Kong and Macau.

Thanks to Air Asia promo ticket, we went after office on Friday night, transit in Kuala Lumpur, and arrived in Hong Kong the next morning. 

Arriving at Hong Kong International Airport

Buying Octopus Card at Hong Kong International Airport

First thing we did at Hong Kong International Airport was looking for the counter which sells Octopus Card. You know, the Octopus card is the transportation card in Hong Kong, just like E-z link in Singapore, Pasmo in Tokyo or Opal in Sydney).

The counter is now changed and looks a lot like the counter for Airport Express train. That's why I and my friend Nadey confused looking for the counter. I posted two pictures of the counter, to give you a clear picture, just in case you'll be visiting Hong Kong in the near future.

Actually it is a big counter,  you will not miss it
Our group buying Octopus for HKD150

Taking A11 Bus From Hong Kong Airport To The City

We went to the bus terminus at Hong Kong International Airport. We opted going to the city by bus, because it was way cheaper than taking the Airport Express Train. Other reason was, the hostel we were staying, located just few meters away from the A11 bus stop.

Just follow the sign at the airport to the bus terminus, and when you see this huge sign, you know you are on the right track.

The Citybus Cityflyer has many routes from and to Hong Kong airport. You can refer to this link. They also have overnight route for you who will come to Hong Kong after midnight.

Please note that if you don't have Octopus, you could pay cash on the bus, but you have to provide the exact amount.

Welcome to the bus terminus at the airport

Check In HK: A Hostel Located In The Heart Of Hong Kong Island

We choose to stay at Hong Kong Island because it suits our itinerary. Actually we had reserved one hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui called Urban Pack. We called it off and made another reservation at Check Inn HK.

The location was perfect, near Ding Ding Tram Station (Tonnochy Road Tram Stop), bus stop from airport, and also it was a short walking distance to the halal dim sum at Wanchai Islamic Center. 

The hostel was easily spotted

The best part was the lobby area, where it has a large window to overlook the busy street of Hennesy. We reserved the large room for the girls with an ensuite bathroom. It wasn't any fancy hostel or whatsoever, but it was clean and we could sleep well.

Overall, if you are looking a hostel with perfect location in Hong Kong Island, Check Inn HK is recommended.

The large window at the common area
The reception desk

In front of the girls' room


1) Lunch at Islamic Canteen of Masjid Ammar

After checking in at our hostel, it was about lunch time, and we walked to the Halal Dim Sum located at Masjid Ammar (the 5th floor). It was less than 10 minutes walk from our hostel.

This halal dim sum is my happiest place at Hong Kong, a must visit! Please refer to our previous post regarding halal dim sum in Hong Kong.

The whole group, in front of the entrance 
to the Islamic Center
Many kind of dim sum were still available

What we ordered back then, so happy!

2) Enjoying % Arabica Coffee at Hong Kong Star Ferry

Our next stop was the Hong Kong Star Ferry, whereas we wanted to enjoy % Arabica Coffee and continue shopping around Tsim Sha Tsui. We took the public ferry to experience how to live like a local, from Hong Kong island to Kowloon.

It was an old ferry, we could pay the fare with our Octopus Card. The ferry runs very frequent, so we didn't have to wait long for the next available ferry. 

See the sign: Tsim Sha Tsui
Getting to board the ferry
The old ferry

We were so happy when we finally met % Arabica once we arrived at Star Ferry Pier. Just like their branch in Kyoto, there was of course a long queue to get the coffee. That's why look at their happy face to be able to drink % arabica coffee once again.

Yeay finally :)

3) Shopping at Harbour City Hong Kong

Hong Kong would not be complete without shopping. Our group was divided by two: one small group going to Harbour City. And the big group choose to go to the Ladies Market.

I went to shopping mall with Nadey and Nova, because Hong Kong was really hot (we visited in July). We did some shopping at Uniqlo, Smiggle, Onitsuka and of course Toys R Us.

Didn't try Jamie's at HK, but a picture in front of the sign won't hurt:p
Yeah, they really enjoyed their shopping time:D

4) Shopping at Causewaybay

As we were staying at Hong Kong island, before going back to our hostel, we went by Ding Ding Tram to Causewaybay, and ended our night by having supper at KFC.

It was the only night we had in Hong Kong, we enjoyed it to the fullest.

A busy night at Causewaybay
Eating KFC with plastic glove


1) The Peak by Tram Ride

We left early from our hostel, checking out and store our luggage at the lobby. Took the bus from hostel to Cotton Drive, and we got out, we could see the sign to The Peak clearly.

We just followed the sign and arrived at the ticket counter which was still empty early on a Sunday morning. Yeay:)

We didn't buy the ticket from Klook website, because we knew that our strategy was to come as early as possible. And paying on the spot will be ok if we come early.

The counter gets crowded very quickly, and so the queue to get on the tram. But we didn't have to deal with any queue at all.

Let's follow the sign to Peak Tram

The ticket counter and they were really prepared for a long queue
Buying ticket on the spot
The tram came and we were so ready!

On the tram, remember to sit on the right side

When we arrived at the upper station, we were welcomed by some souvenir shops. And of course, everyone was busy shopping. Actually only our group who did the shopping, so we had the stall only for ourselves :)

My friends said that compared to Ladies Market, the price at Peak Market were cheaper. One more thing Ladies Market was very hot, while shopping at the Peak Market was comfortable because it was air conditioned.

A recommended place to shop at The Peak HK

We went all the way to the top (Sky Terrace) and took beautiful pictures. It was the only time that I could see Hong Kong from the top. On two of my previous visits: the view to Hong Kong was covered by fog. So I was so happy to see this beautiful cloud.

My fave picture of my friend, Nadey

2) A Visit to Western Market

I always love market, especially those who has beautiful building like Western Market. We went by Ding Ding tram to Western Market, and along the way we could see, our friend who work in Hong Kong were enjoying their day off on Sunday.

Hong Kong sight on Sunday
Enjoying the day off

Western Market is one of the tram final destination, so there were many trams passing down, together with cars.

When we were waiting for our Ding Ding tram
Ding Ding trams were everywhere
At the other side of the road, the Ding Ding Tram is also available
The exterior of Western Market
Taking pictures with the nutcracker

3) Enjoying Coffee at Cupping Room Hong Kong

One of the most famous coffeeshop in Hong Kong would be Cupping Room HK, and it was number one on my Hong Kong bucketlist.

Nadey and Nova accompanied me walking through small lanes to find Cupping Room HK. Thank you girls :)

Nova and Nadey, in front of Cupping Room HK
The barista
Ooh look at these beans!
These were our orders including the beans

Well.... although it was a very short visit to Hong Kong, we were able to see some must visit places in Hong Kong. Of course there are still many coffeeshops on my list, and hopefully there will be another visit to Hong Kong.

We continued our journey to Macau which you may read on the link of previous post below. It was in total only 3 days 2 nights, we visited Hong Kong and Macau for a short weekend getaway.

If you don't have much remaining days of leave from the office, I hope our posts could inspire your weekend getaway to Hong Kong and Macau. Well, remember that I even did a return trip to Hong Kong in a day with three other mommies, read on this post (hahaha so far it was still the craziest Mommies Day Out Trip ever!).

Until next time, Hong Kong :)

Written on March 19, 2019
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