Kollektiv Hotel Bandung Review: Feel How To Stay Inside Containers

Recently, I stayed at an industrial concept hotel located in the northern part of Bandung called Kollektiv Hotel. Their container room was not the only reason, but also their Hara restaurant, which guests can enjoy at breakfast time.

Kollektiv Hotel claimed themselves as the first container hotel in Bandung. Their building stands out among the other buildings on the same street. And yes because it is yellow too.

The Room

Arriving late at night, we went directly to our room. The check in process was easy and quick. We showed our reservation via Traveloka, and the we were given our room keys.

I stayed alone in their superior room. It was compact but enough for me. Still got space to do my prayer inside the room. If you wish to stay in a bigger room, you should reserve their Deluxe Rooms.

The toilet is not big but spotless and has two areas: the toilet and the shower.

You will not feel staying in the container once inside the room, although from outside, you will see the containers as your room wall.

The Breakfast at Hara Restaurant

It was the best part of Kollektiv Hotel: the breakfast. Bandung has this magical morning, and the restaurant of the hotel is the perfect place to enjoy morning in Bandung.

The air was fresh and cold, the coffee was good, and the restaurant is so cozy.

Although the variety of the breakfast is limited, but there were all tasty. It was enough to kick my morning in Bandung.

Even if you are not staying at Kollektiv Hotel, you can still enjoy Hara Restaurant during lunch or dinner. I tried once, I love their live music performance (I visited on a Friday night), their crepes and again their hot latte.

Overall I'd recommend this hotel especially if your Bandung's itinerary is around the northern part of Bandung. As you may know, the traffic is getting worse on weekend, so staying close to the places you'd like to visit in Bandung is recommended.

Written on August 25, 2019
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