Icon Siam Bangkok: A Must Visit Mall in Bangkok

The last time I went to Bangkok with my friends, I rented a van from Mr.Tanoo. I don't remember how many times I've rented van from him, maybe it was the 7th times already. If you need a van hire, you can WhatsApp him: +66 819897634.

I asked Mr.Tanoo about the new mall in Bangkok to visit. Mr.Tanoo recommend one mall that I've never heard before: Icon Siam. I google about it and found an interesting place inside Icon Siam which is called Sook Siam. It is an indoor floating market: a perfect place to visit especially because Bangkok is getting really hot.

Welcome to Sook Siam

Sook Siam: The Indoor Floating Market

Our van dropped us at the entrance of Sook Siam. You should not miss the entrance as it is so eye catching. Once you stepped inside, you will find the giant elephant statue.

The golden entrance to Sook Siam

The elephant statue

You will find so many food stalls near the gate area. Walk further to the left (from the gate) to reach the floating market.

From the gate to the left, you will find all these stalls

The indoor floating market is located in the center area. You can enjoy all the food sold on boat at a decent price. 

Talking about the price, it was a great surprise as the price here as very normal, not doubled compared to the real floating market.

Could you spot the Onitsuka shoes?:p

Thai's dessert

This one looks very yummy

Yes of course, don't forget to take the picture with the Thai lady

I saw one boat (which sell noodle), full of people who eat on the boat. I didn't try the food as there was no halal certificate.

A noodle boat packed by the customers

The Foodcourt at Sook Siam

If you couldn't find your kind of food at Sook Siam, take the stair to the second floor. You will find so many food stall, again at an affordable price.

There are also ample chairs to sit, but during lunch or dinner time, it might be difficult to get chairs.

The food court on the second floor or Sook Siam

There are various Thai food at the foodcourt

And also Thai's sweet

Thai's colorful cotton candy

Naraya Bags Store & Tea Room

Other than the Sook Siam, you may also find a two storeys Naraya store at Icon Siam. And a Naraya Tea Room as well :)

The bags of Thailand: Naraya

Where you can enjoy your tea time

The 1st Takashimaya Store in Bangkok

The second floor of Shiam Takashimaya

Icon Siam has the first Takashimaya Store in Thailand. I went to their foodcourt which is located on the same floor as Sook Siam. And I found a coffeeshop called Van Hart.

Great design :)

And great coffee too :)

Shop 'Till Drop at Icon Siam

So many branded items at Icon Siam to visit. And even if you only do a window shopping like myself, don't forget to take picture with the iconic H&M store.

This place offers us convenience, great shops and also many kind of Thai food. If you don't have time to visit the real floating market like the one in Damnoen Saduak, maybe you can start by visiting Sook Siam.

Icon Siam is located near Asiatique, so you can visit Asiatique after spending 2 to 3 hours at Icon Siam.

Written on September 8, 2019
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  1. Whoaaa went to Bangkok years ago but I've never been here. It's such a great place, tho. Anyway, that H&M store is so huge! A bit curious about their collections! :D

    1. Yes Mba, this was my 1st time too visiting Siam Bangkok :)
      *tetep ya kalau cewe sih penasaran dengan koleksi H & M nya :D