Asiatique Night Market - Bangkok

I love night market. All the lights and colors of the market give me the energy even if I have spent a whole day exploring the city. When I heard that Bangkok has a night market called Asiatique - one place which has not been exist yet on my previous visit - I put it in my itinerary.

This place remind me a lot to "the old Clarke Quay" in Singapore. Both are located at the riverside, has many shoppes and very happening. Now Clarke Quay filled up with many cafes and bars, while Asiatique is a touristy place with its ferris wheel, shoppes, cafe and restaurants.

How to Get There?

Take BTS to Saphan Taksin station, then follow the sign going to the boat pier. You will have to pass a narrow road with many souvenirs seller, within two minutes you will reach the pier.

Just follow the sign
Souvenirs are everywhere

Walk to the pier for free Asiatique boat, and just hop on to the boat.  The boat is available every 15 minutes. Approaching Asiatique, you will find the ferris wheel from the boat. 

Follow the sign to the free boat

The boat schedule
Too bad I didn't try the ferris wheel
Arriving at the Asiatique Pier

What to Buy at Asiatique

My favorite shop is Naraya, everybody goes to Bangkok buy Naraya right? The famous bags made in Thailand. Other than that there are many clothes shops, souvenirs, bags, or even an ukulele shop.

There's also a flower shop at Asiatique
Ladies, it's a huge Naraya shop!
Souvenirs again
A great place to hang out at night
A unique ukulele shop

What To Do in Asiatique Other Than Shopping?

1. Enjoying the sunset

We came just before sunset, and sat in a cafe for a while. Even though the sunset was at the back of some buildings, we managed to see it somehow.

2. Muay Thai Live Show

Probably you'd like to see the Muay Thai show? It is located near the entrance at the opposite side of the river. Asiatique could be access by car or by the boat. The Muay Thai Stage is at the other side.

3. Try the Sky Asiatique

I regret that I did not hop on into the ferris wheel. It cost THB 250, hope there will be the next time.

The ferris wheel behind all the shops

4. Take painting of yourself

You don't need to go to Paris to take the painting of yourself, you can have it also at Asiatique.

Wanna have your painting?

5. Try The Old and Free Tram

Though only a short ride, but this tram is worth a try.

Halal Food at Asiatique

There's a kebab stall which is halal at Asiatique.

Or otherwise, KFC is available if you need to find halal food at Asiatique.


We enjoyed our time at Asiatique so much, and yup we were tired of getting the free boat going back to Bangkok City Hotel. So we took the expensive cab of THB 400 for the five of us.

This is our team taking picture at Asiatique. Hope I could go back there someday.

written on June 9, 2014 by @tesyasblog


  1. Hi,
    Where is the old and free tram location?
    Do i need to do something to ride it?

    1. Hi, it's right at the market. You need to queue to get your turn. But the last time I went there (March2015) the tram was not operating. Better to check with the information center first.

  2. Hello, I'd like to know whether the KFC is halal certified? Thanks :)

    1. Hello, yes the KFC there is halal certified.

    2. Doesn't seem to be the case now, just sharing :

    3. Thank you Liz for the feedback. From the link I learned that the KFC is different in each location, right? So maybe anyone who wish to eat KFC in Bangkok should see the halal certificate on each store before ordering.

  3. Hello, what is the expensive cab which can be occupied by five passengers? I'm planning to visit Bangkok with my 4 other friends but I thought every cab could only be occupied by maximum 4 passengers. Thanks for the reply.

    1. Hi, when we were in Bangkok, we just stopped any taxi and we could sit one passenger in front and 4 people at the back. But we always asked the driver if it's ok, and the driver always answer ok :D

    2. Ah, so we have to ask the driver first before hopping in. It's because in SG, the taxi drivers don't want to take more than 4 passengers. Thank you, Tesya.

    3. Yes, it's not as strict as in SG. Have fun in Bangkok :)