The Colorful Chatuchak Market

I heard it many times that visiting Bangkok without shopping at Chatuchak is not complete. On my first and second visit to Bangkok, I didn't have the chance to visit Chatuchak. Maybe that's why I had the opportunity to visit Bangkok once again. And this time Chatuchak was number one on my itinerary.

We left Bangkok City Hotel at 7.30, took the BTS to Mo Chit station, and found many buses and taxis once we exit the BTS station. It was Saturday morning and many people coming to Chatuchak. We just followed the crowd from BTS to Chatuchak. I was sure that everyone was heading to Chatuchak that morning.

Look at those pink buses and taxis :)

As you may know, Chatuchak is a huge market. There's a road in the middle before entering the aisles to the market. You have to download the market's map before coming to Chatuchak. So you know which section you should go to.

Fruit sellers were everywhere

The mango lady

The road before entering Chatuchak market

My first stop was the mango sticky rice stall inside the market. It cost THB 50 (while it cost THB 180 at the airport) and it was so yummy! 

You should try this

What you can buy in Chatuchak? Everything, from soap to a rabbit. Really there's one section selling animals in the market. If you could stand the heat, you will end up spending one whole day to explore the market. I only stayed there for 2 hours, it was so hot. Here's some pictures of the shops inside Chatuchak.

Cute shop
Thailand's snack
Souvenirs stall
Thailand's t-shirts for around THB 100
Choose your fave fruit soaps
Durian shape soap, anyone?

Where to Find Halal Food in Chatuchak

Saman Islam could be one of your choice if you are looking for a halal food in Chatuchak. It is located just beside the tower at the middle of Chatuchak. We came before lunch time so we managed to get our seats.

One of recommended halal restaurant in Chatuchak
Inside the Saman Islam

The food was around THB 150, I ordered a bowl fish ball soup with Thai ice tea. They also sell rice with egg, meat, chicken, you can choose what you like. 

Delicious food at Saman Islam

Although it was a colorful market and I could find anything here, when it comes to souvenirs shopping, I would rather shop at the airconditioned stalls in MBK:p 

Anyway, because I love to visit market anywhere in the world, I was glad that finally I had the chance to visit Chatuchak. Though not my fave market, I still recommend this as one of the thing you should do when visiting Bangkok.

written on June 8, 2014 by @tesyasblog 

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